Wanda CEO Qu Dejun Suning cooperation is advancing

yesterday (August 27th), Wanda Commercial Real Estate director and chief executive officer Qu Dejun in the performance of the company meeting, Wanda Department and star Wanda adjustment of the overall plan, will be settled and announced, and Suning in Wanda Department store rent regional cooperation suning.com cloud shop issue, but also in the normal advance.

Qu Dejun said Wanda Department Store is in the early days of Wanda Commercial real estate development in order to support Wanda Plaza and derivative formats. However, with the development of Wanda business for more than and 10 years, Wanda’s ability to invest in their own business has increased significantly, while in the commercial retail market, the business model is also innovative. Wanda Commercial real estate from the point of view of the operation of the square, hoping to introduce more experiential formats; from the perspective of Wanda Group, will gradually withdraw from the traditional industries, the development of more innovative industries. read more

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2007 I am a webmaster, happy summer, the cultural personality of the T-shirt to accept reservations

First, the activities of the organization

organizer: webmaster nets


Associated Media:

two works, the design requirements

1, collection of works: T-shirt graphic design;

2, the theme: "I am a webmaster" as the theme, no other content restrictions;

3, the activities of the form of T-shirt graphic design";

4, all works must be released by the original graphic works, is strictly prohibited plagiarism, plagiarism works of others;

three, active object

1. webmaster T-shirt do, all webmaster can participate, without registration;

2. with a friend can also participate in the design of cells;

1, the event to take the free registration and submission of the network works;

2, registration and submission address: http://bbs.admin5.com/viewthread.php? Tid=18583& extra=page%3D1

4, work submission specification:

(2), "Upload" display thumbnail "T-shirt graphics front design showcase release sample example: read more

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Alipay service charges shopping transactions are still free

December 25th, Alipay released the change "Alipay service agreement" announcement, announcement said that since at 0:00 on January 1, 2009, to charge a certain percentage of a large trading volume of user service fee. But for the taobao.com Alipay merchant site directly using Alipay services to complete the transaction, not affected by the impact of the "Alipay service agreement" change, still do not need to pay the service fee.


announcement shows that since at 0:00 on January 1, 2009, Alipay will use on the Alipay website, "I want to cash", "I want to pay", and the "Ali Wangwang" "AA collection" function, generation of collection or payment orders, and complete the receipt or payment of Alipay users to provide free trading volume 5000 yuan according to the type and amount of Alipay account, the actual transaction amount exceeds the free flow of trade, a certain proportion of service cost. read more

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Alibaba scenery behind IPO PC Internet heyday of the end

[Abstract] Ali IPO is a symbol: not only an old era of farewell, but also a new era of open.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on September 19th

after a similar soap opera like after a long wait, the Alibaba group finally read on the NYSE Rang "open sesame", publicly traded under the eye, according to the issue price of $68 is calculated, the amount of financing of $21 billion 700 million (including $13 billion 400 million for the selling shareholders cash).

Alibaba group is popular. Alibaba group issue price of $68, Alibaba’s IPO (initial public offering) market capitalization of $167 billion 620 million, more than the current market value of Amazon, CISCO and eBay. read more

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Alipay made a copycat version of Pokemon Go in order for you to grab a red envelope


new game this year… Than the "dedication" even worse… Minutes to open a treasure hunt, but we first review last year… Too long can not look directly to the bottom to see the new play…

)Speaking of Alipay


many friends also covers

in the last year of domination in Fu fear dedication

literally yisou Alipay + dedicated instant blessing, like back to the ancient battlefield littered with corpses, smoke lingers..

a year ago dedicated Fu incident in the end how much pull hatred? Alipay has invested much resources for the red war? Why is a mobile payment tool does not always let us enter into social science?.. Oh no, into the official Alipay micro-blog WeChat, feel the dedication blessed the people have left understanding how pain.. read more

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Vip.com also trapped saliva battle cross-border electricity supplier survival problems highlighted

each reporter Zhang Sifa from Beijing

wave is not flat, wave again.

only under the flag of lefeng.com suspected of smuggling and selling has not yet subsided, April 17th, jumei.com senior vice president Liu Huipu micro-blog "cannon" vip.com, the United States suspected of selling fake copy overseas purchase page, including product introduction, copy details, model head and brand licensing documents, and showed the United States and South Korea signed the exclusive license contract. Feng Feng, vice president of vip.com, said in response to the problem of the page, the page is not designed to provide vip.com supplier audit is not strictly caused, but the product is genuine. read more

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Supplementary provisions of the video site will soon be introduced

for potatoes, Youku such favored by users of video sites, yesterday may be a watershed. According to the introduction of the end "provisions on the administration of Internet audio-visual program service" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), these provide video services without background in state-owned commercial websites has been in the "grey zone illegal".

, however, Internet commentators Liu Xingliang said yesterday, the State Administration of radio, the relevant provisions of the forthcoming introduction, perhaps to bring these video sites. read more

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Said the next line of the store in decline, why he can shop 1100 years, revenue of 5 billion in the

is the name of the product excellence in less than two years, the global open 1100 stores this year, revenue is expected to Paul at the end of 5 billion, sprint 6 billion; plans to 2020 6000 shop, half of them in overseas sales break 60 billion. Said the line in the store decline, it is how to do it?

a, online in BAT, line in my hand

weekend, I am in Xuanwumen SOGO witnessed a strange scene: at the door, several uncle aunt at the cosmetics counter in front of the hall zestfully shuttlecock, and store customers a new phrase absolutely empty! Immediately jumped out of doors: shuttlecock. read more

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Google Adsense pragmatic awareness and service awareness

Login Google Adsense backstage today, suddenly thought of 2 questions:

1) Google company has art? Is his page beautiful? Do you have a sense of beauty?
2) service awareness, not you get the account, you help him make money later, even if the more appropriate service.We do not


with mian:Have you applied for a Google

to apply for a Google Adsense account: right link to quickly apply for Google account read more

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Free promotion group purchase site four recruit stunt

this autumn is the harvest season, but for the network group purchase, feel is howling autumn. Handle, Wo Wo Group, Groupon, 24 coupons and other major domestic group purchase network has started a new wave of layoffs at the same time, from the third party media monitoring company data show that love "burning" group purchase website continues to stop advertising, this series of actions are marking the group purchase network is in the winter to save money.

in order to save money, how to promote the network group purchase free, has become the most important issue in the network group purchase consideration, summarizes the current site of all means of promotion, the author thinks that the following four strokes is used in the network group purchase skills: read more

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Agricultural products and other industries competing to enter the e-commerce evaluation is not a lit

in extensive network Beijing on January 23rd news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that before the Spring Festival, the Chinese Internet Network Information Center on the "twenty-ninth Chinese Internet development report" shows that last year the domestic online shopping user growth of more than 20%, the total size of nearly two hundred million people online shopping. From this year, the domestic electricity supplier development ushered in a new ten years, foreign consulting analysts believe that the current China e-commerce market has been ranked second in the world, and in 2015 will become the world’s first network, consumer spending is expected to make China e-commerce market size more than the United States, so there are more and more industries to borrow means of e-commerce continue to develop. read more

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Ma Yun very satisfied with the results of the hope that the eleven to bring happiness to everyone

sina science and technology news on November 12th morning news, less than half an hour from the end of the double eleven, Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba with a symbolic smile appeared in the dual 11 media center. At the time of the scene on the big screen 116 billion 400 million of real-time data, Ma said he was very satisfied with this figure.

Ma said: Double eleven is no longer a sales figure, hoping to promote the progress of various industries in China through the double eleven to bring happiness to everyone." read more

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2009 second half of China’s e-commerce B2B market forecast

in 2009 just over half a year, the financial crisis is having a different impact on all walks of life, how to e-commerce enterprises? How to? The following through the forecast of B2B e-commerce market, the market development status of.

2009 scale: China B2B e-commerce market transaction size, a significant decline. Due to the impact of the financial crisis, foreign demand reduction, reduction of export orders, is expected in 2009 China B2B e-commerce market scale will slow growth, the growth rate will drop to 18.3%, the transaction size will reach 22350 yuan. China’s B2B e-commerce transactions in 2008 was 18900 yuan, representing an increase of up to 51.2% in 2007. read more

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