Free statistics, traffic exchange, web site included a little less!

[statistics] has now become a free statistics, text chain, URL included three integrated platform.

1, streamlined, efficient, clean, safe, fully functional free statistics.

2, the integrity of the text chain function, effective, safe flow.

3, complete website directory and included the ranking system, all included in the website using the standard link form, convenient search engines, improve your website backlinks and PR, make your site from unmanned area.

three functions of organic unity, free use of statistics can also improve traffic! Complete function, a new experience, quickly join it…… read more

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Network project recommendation regional recruitment website (most potential)

Network project recommendation:     regional recruitment website (most potential)

                                                            & nbsp;;                                                         & nbsp; —- industry analysis of the profit model, construction scheme read more

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Analysis of the circle of friends marketing vision but difficult to perform in the end what is the g

WeChat fiery has let too many people see the business opportunities. Now open the circle of friends at any time, it is difficult to find some do not buy or sell their own products circle of friends information. For these things must not everyone, because with the popularity of WeChat in the crowd, the information includes the ability of other products which are reflected by the victory, and his side also have a lot of friends rely on WeChat to build up the family fortunes and marketing concept, marketing circle of friends they had be in full swing. read more

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Website marketing Baidu + Super Girls mode


is a network company, Super Girls Hunan launched a popular reality TV show activities. What is the relationship between the two? Here are some of the things that people know about. Internet is also a very successful classic marketing case. Baidu has a Post Bar, often on Baidu’s friends should know now Post Bar how crazy, with a conservative estimate, Post Bar there are millions of "bar", such as "Li Yuchun", "college entrance examination", "Huangshi", as long as you can think of a keyword, can almost find the corresponding Post Bar in Baidu, and like some star city, popular events such as Post Bar, there are hundreds of thousands of the number of posts. That’s incredible! read more

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What you don’t know about the nternet Age

product manager title first appeared in P& G; Procter & Gamble, because the effect is very significant, many enterprises have imitation board. Silicon Valley famous product management guru Marty Cagan in "Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love", the product manager described as "find out valuable, usable and feasible products" ("to discover a product that is valuable usable and feasible").

according to the definition of the American Association of PDMA product management, product management "(Product Management) refers to the process of new product development, through the combination of basic elements of continually monitoring and adjustment of the market (including the product and its own characteristics, communication strategy, distribution channels and price), to ensure that product or service can be fully to meet the needs of customers. The product manager is the person responsible for the specific product activities. read more

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How to build from 0 to 1 start-up companies brand

editor’s note: the author of the former Tencent news editor, vice president of Castle Peak capital Li Qian. The article starts with the micro signal: the bread Business School (ID:mantousxy).

why do brands


before starting to build a business brand, ask you a few questions.

these problems are very critical, because often have a friend to talk about this issue, I chat to find that many of us are not doing a good thing to blame the brand, attributed to the market. A lot of the problem is that you do not do well, then your brand and the market will naturally be affected. These five questions are: read more

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How to do the marketing content to see Zhou Hongyi and Lei chat English speech

there is BAT chiefs meeting, will be the birth of many "the topic", held in Guiyang in 2015 Guiyang international data industry exposition of the same topic constantly, but the focus is not BAT chiefs, but from the mobile phone industry 360 and millet running, 360 to do a mobile phone, a lot of people know this 360, not the good occasion at every opportunity, and the current domestic mobile phone sales millet highest "depending on" the content of marketing must be good. Then came Zhou Hongyi and Lei Jun in a table with a chat "English speech" photos! Around this picture, the beginning of the "topic" speculation, why two competitors will sit together and take pictures?? more unbelievable is two people talk is Lei Jun friends laugh poor English?…… A photo can lead to the association can be unlimited amplification, which is the charm of content marketing! read more

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Product Psychology Jobs’s product innovation code

series of psychology of products has entered the key chapter – thinking. Product thinking is the core competitiveness of product managers, as a product manager, with what kind of product thinking on what kind of product. Today we talk about the image of thinking and product innovation those things".

concept explanation: what is image thinking?

image thinking mainly refers to people’s understanding of the world in the process, with the help of imagination and image, etc., from the visual image of the material (image) in the cognitive way of thinking, so as to solve the problem. read more

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Old Tang news to promote the creation of soft website brand image

November 21, 2009 is my station – Meihekou life network (www.jlmhk.com) 2 year old birthday, to celebrate his birthday, I prepared a website about 2 years ahead of the news release, sent to the local newspaper. November 17th, hosted by our city Economic Development Zone Party Working Committee of the "Mei" and the river trade newspaper published the manuscript.

this is a new attempt, from the network to the newspaper news soft Wen promotion soft Wen promotion, on station localization operation, build brand image, will play a useful role. read more

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Recommend a few promotion site

recommend some in the promotion of easy to use several sites, pro test.

Electronic Commerce: and, our global trade, business, Alibaba, letters. Slow effect, suitable for use as a long-term target.

classified information: 263, 58, go to the market, search souke, edeng, more than enough, lists, tables etc.. Classification information to do keyword effect is very significant, persistent general.

Blog: Sina, Sohu, Baidu, 163, Tianya, bokee, 19 floor, mop.com etc.. Blog most of them are linked with the link, almost my link farms. In fact, this is not in line with the legend of the blog marketing. Proposed to write with the company’s business related logs, as long as the company’s official blog, you can try. read more

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Micro marketing of the three disciplines of the eight pay attention to identify the right tools and

recently "micro marketing" is undoubtedly the focus in marketing, many traditional companies found a new blue ocean from "micro marketing", have launched their own micro-blog, WeChat official account, or to do their own app, hoping this new way to open up their new future. We have nearly 500 companies to provide a micro marketing products and services, but also precipitated some of the experience, and now share with you.

discipline one: do not superstitious tool

two years ago, we made a cool, cool network can help companies quickly generate app, then a VP tudou.com asked: "the original WAP is very popular now, at low tide; app is very popular now, but will also have the tide one day, what do you do at that time?" I was the answer is very clear: "WAP or app, or are not the real needs of the enterprises, enterprises need is how to achieve his goal, instead of these tools, tools there will always be eliminated and iteration, our goal is to use the new tools to help enterprises achieve the goal". read more

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Free promotion group purchase site four recruit stunt

this autumn is the harvest season, but for the network group purchase, feel is howling autumn. Handle, Wo Wo Group, Groupon, 24 coupons and other major domestic group purchase network has started a new wave of layoffs at the same time, from the third party media monitoring company data show that love "burning" group purchase website continues to stop advertising, this series of actions are marking the group purchase network is in the winter to save money.

in order to save money, how to promote the network group purchase free, has become the most important issue in the network group purchase consideration, summarizes the current site of all means of promotion, the author thinks that the following four strokes is used in the network group purchase skills: read more

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Practical case study using micro-blog to create explosion models of those things

and China want the author super cute adorable have more communication, please ask for the official micro-blog private letter Gupo contact. 14 years in February, I do a new media company in charge of electricity supplier. After a year, just return to work, to catch up with the company’s products to do battle # # summer. My task is: in the next 3 months, with sales performance, the use of new media to create explosive drainage.

do business people know that the summer clothing sale period is very short, 5, June is the peak season, the new change of shipment shipment, to 7/8 months basically entered the end clearance paohuo. So, the time of emergency, I only had 2 months to rally. At that time, our official micro less than 200 people, the budget is almost 0. read more

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Buy the site needs to be flexible use of the three marketing methods

Although the

group purchase website recently exposed a lot in a state of loss, but the group purchase profit model is still very promising, the best way to group purchase website after all to give businesses and consumers to achieve a win-win, but because the operation of the group purchase website to lower the threshold, led to the brutal competition. How can let the group purchase website talent shows itself in the fierce competition, it cannot do without publicity, this article focuses on how to build their own loyal users group purchase website! Because only has a large number of loyal users can ensure read more

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Six Marketing Tips


family is master feudal lords vying for the throne, and the contention of a hundred schools of thought, a genius, which school are you? We believe that in this cruel competition environment has developed a set of magic, everyone has everyone’s style, everybody has a means. Qingyun media summed up the six tips according to my own experience, for your reference, we hope to have enlightened in Zhuaernaosai when blockbuster does not bow to the phrase when.

: a man of insight

found opportunities are more important than marketing. read more

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Site promotion of actual combat strategy wonderful four way

for a long time did not come out today’s stationmaster net, look up, and learn a lot! Also own experiences: small! If you feel useful to look at, not just when appreciating a short story! Website promotion has been all the webmaster website in the heavy heart!! no transmission! No traffic! That is the world’s most sad thing ~ etc.anyway, free look at all upset straight to the theme of

~ ~ ~!

early promotion:

Baidu included, what links I do not say! This is clear to everyone that some quick! read more

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Webmaster share to A5 webmaster web submission of successful experience sharing

A5 webmaster webmaster circle is the most famous Adsense exchange station, many of my friends have their own written articles here will contribute, some in order to increase the popularity, some is to increase the chain, but the success is not much published today, dozens of successful experience is not the blog to share with you a.

since the submission, should match up, really let the readers love the A5 and this is nothing more than three: 1, 2, 3 dry cargo stories, news commentary

, a kind of dry cargoThis article read more

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The most important link in the construction of website

on the SEO effect, there are many statements on the network, different people make different results, which actually contains knowledge of network marketing, do not underestimate Oh, if you are aimless in the optimization of the site, then you will not get good harvest, but soon, the only effect is lose, for people to encounter such problems are a headache, including the author himself, still, but as long as everyone out of the SEO, a lot of contact with the network marketing, then you will not encounter the above problems, the probability of Web site is K off will be more and more low. read more

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The electricity supplier one-stop expansion worries or meet thousands of network side homogenization

or in case of thousands of network side exposed service short board electricity supplier "one-stop" expansion of hidden

The Jingdong

mall, Amazon dangdang.com, Chinese competing to go the whole category of course, suning.com, shop No. 1, also recently launched a round of "enclosure" war. However, when large online mall merchants settled and commodities tend to be the same, online shopping mall will be inevitably involved in thousands of network side of traditional retail profit predicament, repeat the mistakes. It also allows the service provider short board more exposed to public view. read more

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You buy electricity providers not only sell the phone but also allows you to make money

when it comes to buy a mobile phone, whether you are in the integrated electricity supplier wandering, has been reluctant to start, but buy a bit expensive.

price than to go, gifts than to go, as if they can not see what is really affordable.

actually buy a mobile phone which has so much trouble, you buy a mobile phone digital mall, buy a mobile phone wholesale price!

by your purchase is the leading domestic mobile phone distribution aisidi (Stock Code: 002416)’s business platform, designed to do genuine digital mobile phone sale. By your purchase with aisidi business support, initially on the line platform for mobile phone price advantage, quickly attracted many consumers purchase demand. read more

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