680 thousand purchase domain name was suspected of piracy WinXP

news September 18th, the well-known Internet companies responsible person Lai Linfeng September 17th morning ylmf confirmed that he really bought domain name in the last month, $100 thousand (680 thousand yuan), currently he also did not consider the specific use of the domain name.

takes half an auction of 680 thousand yuan

yesterday, according to foreign media reports, two letter domain XP.COM recently traded at about $680 thousand. Subsequently, the domestic news sources, the purchase of the domain name is ylmf. read more

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n today’s era of e-commerce entrepreneurship can only be harvested

in the rapid development of electronic commerce era, entrepreneurship has become the only way a lot of people, and many people are "dead" in a way, more and more people into the era of "half-dead" attestation, only a handful of people walking on the pinnacle of success, this means what? – Preface

80 after the start of the business, after 90 also began to start, young office workers began to start, college students also began to venture. Entrepreneurship, has become the most common topic of this era. Some people because of their own business in the future make life better, some people because of their own business for later life to find better roads, there are some people naive to think that entrepreneurship can be your own boss. However, in this era of rapid development of e-commerce, some people started a successful business, some people failed to start a business, which shows what read more

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Second hand trading platform Jingdong has done more than a

Jingdong to do the electricity supplier to emphasize the quality of the Jingdong test, but how fast the amount of goods to do it may be a relatively big problem.

in the Alibaba’s idle fish, 58 city around the secondary trading platform, Jingdong also began to test the water used electricity supplier.

Jingdong recently quietly launched the second-hand business platform Jingdong products, have their own domain name, in addition to the previous recovery with love, cooperation with old change new business, new product sales of second-hand 3C. read more

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Want to improve the volume of online shops should start from the fundamental

today’s Internet, there are a lot of people use the Taobao platform earn his first pot of gold for himself, then it was dark soldiers motionless, ready to start. Like Taobao shop on the rapid growth of hundreds of thousands, can imagine how fierce the competition platform. As a result, the success of product promotion has become an important key point. Some sellers believe that the integrity of the transaction is the top priority, but today’s Internet alone, integrity is not enough. Use a plain words: when your product is good, no one knows it useful?; when your customer service is good, no one will know still useful? No one knows you are, how will read more

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How to talk about the concept of not only to make money

the last two days, just like Chinese network space migration, and then into the bud network planning books. In order to let everyone know that the relationship between library network and network Chinese bud bud, I in another article has said very clearly, here in order to save space, but also to play less words, I will not say.

is to talk about the topic of this article, I do not know why, now writing always love friendship, like no matter that point can lead to many things, long longer than the Great Wall. The theme of this article is about the relationship between concept and profitability. This topic also has many people to write, they wrote how, and I do not say, I just to express their point of view, if the master was passing by to see, so please don’t scold me, mom and Dad, do not spit slobber to me. I think that this face is still worthy of the audience, I do not want to grow ringworm. read more

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CCTV launched the Empress Dowager as we love the city to vote

sponsored by CCTV "Qingguoqingcheng: the most worthy of being introduced to the world of the Chinese city large-scale TV activity is underway.

it is reported that the CCTV host of this activity is to showcase Chinese city brand image as a form of television program performance, including city civilization, city environment, city vitality, create Chinese "international city name card". Activities to be divided into four stages, the first stage from April to June 16th, the city is voluntary, according to experts and reference to online promotion, to determine the 20 city into the recommended list. The second stage is to focus on CCTV to do the 20 cities in the city of the 20 "big day" show. Proposed by the world tourism organization of the United Nations, the United Nations Development Programme, the National Tourism Bureau, the domestic and foreign media editor, city expert delegation, 20 city to inspect a week-long investigation, the results will be announced in each city in the evening. Third is the most worthy of the world to introduce the famous city of China Award ceremony. Fourth is the organization to promote city selection once the Olympic Games held in the city of "Chinese city world Olympic Tour tour. read more

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Olympic Valley SEO contest (April 14th) report

report time: April 14th at 8 a.m.

webmaster SEO 100 abstruse Cereal Contest start time of 128 hours, the Lention SEO] team reported on the contest from the third party perspective.

Baidu is currently ranked

(key words: 100 abstruse cereal, at present the index page number: 4230)

1, 100 abstruse cereal ( BlogName=baiao5)

2, how should we deal with the Olympic Valley contest (

3, 100 abstruse cereal:: SEO – VeryCD community ( SEO/) read more

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Major technology companies have been involved in unmanned driving 2016 is the turning point of unman

lead: CNN website recently wrote that 2016 has become an important turning of unmanned vehicles, laid a good foundation for the development of this technology in the future.

below is the full text of the article:

if the United States presidential election is the biggest news of the year, I believe that all Americans will not disagree.

but at the same time, driverless cars have begun to track. Technology companies and start-up companies are competing to develop this technology. Even the government behind the scenes has been involved. read more

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Special action to combat nternet pornography off the site 44 thousand

                according to the news website of the Ministry of public security, from April 2007 to October, the Ministry of public security and other 10 ministries jointly launched the special action to combat Internet pornography, the public security organs according to law, criminal suspects arrested 2779 people, closed, clean up pornographic websites or territory column 44 thousand.

to crack down on Internet pornography and other illegal and criminal activities, from April 2007 to October, the Ministry of Public Security jointly with < >! Xuan Department of the Ministry of education, Ministry of information industry, the Ministry of culture, administration of radio, press and publication administration, the Information Office of the State Council, the CBRC and the national pornography office and other 10 ministries. Jointly organized according to the special action to combat Internet pornography. read more

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Sina micro-blog’s market capitalization for the first time broke tens of billions of dollars, but th

hand, brisk earnings that the capital market had to sit up and take notice, breaking the market value of billions of dollars; on the other hand, there have been too many users Tucao micro-blog ads, poor experience, the number of investors for short micro-blog shares rose to a record 4 million shares.

source: Vision China

Sina micro-blog earnings effect continues.

As of

PM EST August 15th closing time, Sina micro-blog shares rose 7.05% to $45.72, according to the calculation of the total share capital of 221 million 600 thousand, its market capitalization topped $10 billion mark. Intraday, micro-blog shares rose to a peak of $45.94. read more

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The highest valuation domain name value or up to 5 billion 500 million yuan

renamed China ( February 27th news, according to foreign media news reports (Gannett) group, has invested $1 billion 800 million acquisition of U.S. automotive website, the "car" domain name valuation reached $872 million, equivalent to about 5 billion 500 million yuan.

diagram: page screenshot

it is understood that, in the last year, the commercial value behind the, including intangible assets, valuation reached $2 billion 500 million. Finally, in the file submitted to the U.S. government, the domain name valuation of $872 million. Well known domain name investors George Kirikos think, will become the highest valuation of the domain name. read more

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Company name search principal suspected of spreading pornographic items for

Hebei, Lixian County Province, the man rented a virtual hosting company in Tianjin, the establishment of pornographic websites, Chinese human flesh search". Just 3 months, the site hits more than 15.4 times. Recently, the man was sentenced to imprisonment in Tianjin City People’s Court of Hebei District to spread pornographic materials.

, who is 30 years old, is from Hebei, Lixian County province. He returned to his hometown after graduating from college. In recent years, Zhang began to surf the internet. At first he is law-abiding, just chatting, playing games or watching the news. But later, unmarried Zhang turned their attention to pornographic information and pornographic websites, so that he became a big hobby. Zhang feel, if you can build a yellow web site, to the visitors charges, should have a good income. So, in May of this year he began to build their own website. Zhang wanted to give a stylish and site name. He thought, he finally decided to site named "human flesh search Chinese". In this way, the "human flesh search" this network term was borrowed to the yellow web site. read more

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Stuart no injury to real estate network development history of Hefei (three).

next is the 365 estate Home Furnishing network, although the site in the Yangtze River Delta region has been occupied and dominated the market, but for Hefei users and developers, it is a "new" website, many users do not even know what the 365 into Hefei in less than half a year within two years from the housing do to do things. Until recently, the 365 real estate network announced the acquisition of the Hefei forum, it seems that the strategy in Hefei surfaced.

Before the

365 into the Hefei real estate network, real net of this big brother free from restraint was pleasant, invincible, even in Hefei and found Chen Zhi into the room to talk about the acquisition time, and have never put it as a real opponent, because there is not a competition level. However, Chen Fu found a clever Zhicai 365 into Hefei, then alert realized that a cruel competition is about to begin. read more

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Good sea Amoy network new ideas starting a social enterprise

more and more people to join the ranks of social enterprises, this phenomenon has aroused the concern of the VC (venture capital) sector. (picture / chart)

Author: Southern Weekend reporter Chen Zhong Road Intern Liu Kuan from Shanghai

commercial means to solve social problems, the idea is cool, but the road is hard, but also to face controversy.

on the afternoon of December 18, 2011, the Amoy network of micro-blog released a Italy famous Furla red handbag photos and purchase links.

package is in Shanghai to work for the contribution of Ding, before this, she has nearly thirty or forty new idle clothes, donated to the family called good Amoy network online charity shop. read more

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Talk about old Lei Jun stimulation where the customer will be millet adjustment off up to 20%

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on October 17th

customer, this was the primary Internet Brand Company fame in recent two years, but out of opposite Jingdong, Tmall track, has been wandering in the edge of the cliff. In 2011 from the backlog of goods, sprint IPO after the failure of guest in the 5 anniversary of last year when encountering "pull off" storm, and in the 6 year anniversary, and involved in a storm of suppliers owed money.

threatened to jump in suppliers, debt collection, where customers around the various rumors of more and more fierce, from the beginning of the tense capital chain, where the customer may repeat the fate of PPG, to where the investor Lei Jun (micro-blog) and CEO (micro-blog) where the old "ambiguous", may offer to the customer, a former employees broke, investment we have the old under the "ultimatum", do not rule out the replacement of CEO and so on, this is not the only one. read more

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Analysis of the traditional enterprise marketing after 11

since 2009, double 11 has been successful over the past 7 years, the electronic commerce as the platform of the shopping festival, by day rhetoric, vividly become universal shopping Carnival day promotion. This year is to play out new tricks, "Tmall double 11 carnival night" variety, star, shopping in one, so that consumers can through television, Internet and mobile phone platform, realize while watching the play while you buy, to meet the young consumer groups. Thus, play a good cross-border marketing, in order to be concerned about, it is necessary to have a lasting freshness. According to relevant statistics: in 2015 the total turnover of 11 pairs of online transactions of $122 billion 937 million, an increase of 52.7%, of which Tmall transactions amounted to $91 billion 217 million, an increase of 59.72%. The media said the 11 double the sales record is equivalent to Tibet a year of GDP, big data show people should not be just a simple figure behind the huge demand and make the marketing development mode of how to make read more

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Plug in nstitute announced a $about 7000000 PreA round of financing

traditional enterprise how to do the transformation of the Internet? In the view of socket founder He Chuan, this transformation means that traditional enterprises should face to adjust the function structure, how to establish a new mode of marketing and user maintenance has become a key transformation landing.

Institute is a focus on the insertion of new media training institutions of education, service is the face of the transformation of traditional enterprise users. Today, socket Academy announced about 7000000 yuan PreA round of financing to get real funds and new list. read more

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Since the media age of contention of a hundred schools of thought how to find their own positioning


is reflected in the media have to say that we catch a raging like a storm, this time.

since the media has become a marketing method in a fire phenomenon. In this context, the master stage, each one has its own merits, actively promote their own set of doctrines, is really a little "contention of a hundred schools of thought.

street shuahou, will a crowd, since the media do, also want to get a label to attract fans. Now the network from the media and applauses, cheers, ears, hear people yilengyileng. If coupled with slobber and RMB flying, it will bo eye. read more

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B2C long to look

A few days ago

saw in the newspaper the news of the two, one is the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce issued "on promoting the development of the online retail industry views", encouraging based information management of traditional retail enterprises, the establishment of online shopping mall, to carry out online retail business; another is China UnionPay announced a high-profile assistance subsidiary the company vigorously promote the online payment service CHINAPAY. In my opinion, these images are a signal that China’s e-commerce is about to break out. In the context of the economic crisis, as the reverse economic cycle of the rapid growth of e-commerce industry, and most of the impact of the impact of the industry is obvious, the government began to attach importance to encourage and advocate. In the domestic business environment is not developed enough, the integrity of the social system is not mature, the government is undoubtedly essential to promote. As the global online shopping with the highest penetration of South Korea, is in a financial crisis, the domestic economy has been hit hard in the environment, the South Korean government began to vigorously promote e-commerce, is unprecedented prosperity today in Korea e-commerce market, the so-called good wind force, send me the sky. But China such state-owned financial enterprises Union background, like to just icing on the cake, not timely assistance. Do not settle on the market size of nearly 300 billion and every year with three digit growth rate of the online payment market, would not be so ready to. In both internal and external conditions are available, the development of e-commerce in China is about to drive on the highway, I believe no one will doubt. For a time B2C has become an enterprise; capital; media attention hot spots, frequently appear in the mainstream media. To Sina; Baidu; WAL-MART; CBSI; Gome; Suning; hisap these traditional and Internet giants, small to Zhongguancun only one of the two retail shop owners, have raised the banner of the horn sounded, the world were hunting to feudal lords vying for the throne. But I do not know, B2C is not who wants to come to the arena, there is no adequate understanding and preparation and lasting investment and determination, it is inevitable to hit the head bleeding. Here, I have seen in the past few years in the rivers and lakes in the B2C to hear some of the thoughts and make a summary of everyone to share, I hope everyone can be a little less blood flow point intersection tuition. read more

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Cold chain logistics decision of fresh electricity of vital importance

said the development of Chinese fresh electricity supplier, is Rainbow Night a scene: one side is the delicious 77 collapse, love fresh fruit for bee mass layoffs, all closed, a table under the net frame of all goods…… On the other hand is a fresh electricity supplier market repeatedly from the capital rain".

according to Analysys think tank released the latest "Chinese fresh electricity supplier logistics industry report" data show:


in March 6th, the box horse fresh access to Alibaba tens of millions of dollars in investment; read more

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