The most important link in the construction of website

on the SEO effect, there are many statements on the network, different people make different results, which actually contains knowledge of network marketing, do not underestimate Oh, if you are aimless in the optimization of the site, then you will not get good harvest, but soon, the only effect is lose, for people to encounter such problems are a headache, including the author himself, still, but as long as everyone out of the SEO, a lot of contact with the network marketing, then you will not encounter the above problems, the probability of Web site is K off will be more and more low. read more

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The electricity supplier one-stop expansion worries or meet thousands of network side homogenization

or in case of thousands of network side exposed service short board electricity supplier "one-stop" expansion of hidden

The Jingdong

mall, Amazon dangdang.com, Chinese competing to go the whole category of course, suning.com, shop No. 1, also recently launched a round of "enclosure" war. However, when large online mall merchants settled and commodities tend to be the same, online shopping mall will be inevitably involved in thousands of network side of traditional retail profit predicament, repeat the mistakes. It also allows the service provider short board more exposed to public view. read more

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You buy electricity providers not only sell the phone but also allows you to make money

when it comes to buy a mobile phone, whether you are in the integrated electricity supplier wandering, has been reluctant to start, but buy a bit expensive.

price than to go, gifts than to go, as if they can not see what is really affordable.

actually buy a mobile phone which has so much trouble, you buy a mobile phone digital mall, buy a mobile phone wholesale price!

by your purchase is the leading domestic mobile phone distribution aisidi (Stock Code: 002416)’s business platform, designed to do genuine digital mobile phone sale. By your purchase with aisidi business support, initially on the line platform for mobile phone price advantage, quickly attracted many consumers purchase demand. read more

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Tmall clothing public investment more than 1 thousand targeting 90 Market

recently, Tmall clothing announced that it will open more than 1 thousand business places, for the current trend of the brand and the brand of young women’s clothing investment.  

2015, in order to control the brand and product quality, Tmall adjusted the investment rules, businesses need to be settled in accordance with the directional invitation. With 90 percent of the crowd’s spending power increased, the form of consumption has become more abundant, but consumer demand has not been satisfied by brands and products. To this end, Tmall clothing will be set up two channels corresponding to the area, and for the next line brand, international brand or a new batch of Amoy brand public investment. The reporter interviewed the relevant Tmall clothing waiter, to make the interpretation of the upcoming opening of the merchants association. read more

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Tmall responded to ban Jingdong Double eleven is everyone

yesterday, there is news that Ali prepared in the double eleven "ban" Jingdong, and achieved " double 11" registered trademarks, and authorized Tmall exclusive use of the trademark, the company shall not use any other institutions.

sparked a thousand waves, Jingdong responded that a electricity supplier companies do this is contrary to the spirit of open Internet, contrary to the principle of fair competition. In fact, in the name of the law, the practice of monopoly, in essence, the majority of consumers should be limited to enjoy the full right to know, the right to choose and participate in the interests of the interests of consumers. read more

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Quickly identify the authenticity and strength of the site

is now everyone’s business era, it is said that 1 billion 300 million people in our country, there are 1 billion people are operating or plan to attack the field of e-commerce. Because C2C is a relatively low barriers to entry into the industry, at this stage of the shop CEO are basically college students and funds are not very strong small sellers. Because of this, Shop consignment, on behalf of the delivery of the site came into being.

was born on the agency website entered the C2C small sellers, is a big thing, and even can be said to be successful in helping to sell the site of small sellers, because the agency website provides more types of goods. Also provide a delivery service. As a result, the seller will indirectly own warehouse, inventory management, 0 financial pressure is smaller, but there are a large number of free staff to help sellers package delivery, the seller as long as the commodity can be sold out of the shop, basically works up. read more

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Agricultural products and other industries competing to enter the e-commerce evaluation is not a lit

in extensive network Beijing on January 23rd news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that before the Spring Festival, the Chinese Internet Network Information Center on the "twenty-ninth Chinese Internet development report" shows that last year the domestic online shopping user growth of more than 20%, the total size of nearly two hundred million people online shopping. From this year, the domestic electricity supplier development ushered in a new ten years, foreign consulting analysts believe that the current China e-commerce market has been ranked second in the world, and in 2015 will become the world’s first network, consumer spending is expected to make China e-commerce market size more than the United States, so there are more and more industries to borrow means of e-commerce continue to develop. read more

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SOHO group start empty-handed cheats

The first recruit immediately hands-on

add some related to your company’s future industry organizations, subscribe to all related to your company’s business publications. Here you can get a lot of valuable business advice and the latest industry information; of course, you may also get some preferential policies or trade discounts. Also, you should pay attention to the topic or articles related to your industry from time to time.

second strokes to make financial plan

detailed budget statistics can grasp the monthly flow of funds. If you don’t know what your financial situation is, you know that your career is a matter of course. If you want to take control of your own destiny, make a quick financial plan! read more

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From 1 to 2 ASO marriage Amazon Chinese how radical

Abstract: a year ago, the international brand as the future of the main and the direction of cross-border electricity supplier has become Ge Daoyuan’s high frequency vocabulary. "We Chinese in this is to do two things, one is to make better use of this opportunity to China customers all over the world, two is for large and small companies have the opportunity to Chinese their products and services to the rest of the world."

Alibaba and the Soviet Union without any signs of sudden hand suddenly let the Chinese electricity supplier market structure seems to be broken again. read more

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Ma Yun very satisfied with the results of the hope that the eleven to bring happiness to everyone

sina science and technology news on November 12th morning news, less than half an hour from the end of the double eleven, Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba with a symbolic smile appeared in the dual 11 media center. At the time of the scene on the big screen 116 billion 400 million of real-time data, Ma said he was very satisfied with this figure.

Ma said: Double eleven is no longer a sales figure, hoping to promote the progress of various industries in China through the double eleven to bring happiness to everyone." read more

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Real name on the first day of most companies did not implement the implementation of Beijing said to

JINGWAH times (reporter Jia Ting) yesterday was the first day of the implementation of the real name system, but reporters found by visiting, Beijing has not yet implemented a number of courier companies registered real name registration.

express is still a "inspection of people" problem

according to the website of the Ministry of Public Security said that before the decision of the central comprehensive management office, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry and other 15 departments, from October 22nd to the end of March 2016, required delivery logistics industry now fully implement the goods as the prior send sealing, delivery logistics, express mail security real name registration system X machine three. read more

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Amazon quietly in the implementation of slow delivery service 4-7 days delivery discount 3 yuan

morning news in June this year, Amazon e-commerce enterprise (micro-blog) China quietly launched in Shanghai "slow delivery service", if users buy Amazon’s proprietary product over the amount of 99 yuan, can choose "4-7 day delivery service, can also enjoy up by 3 yuan discount. The company said that the launch of "4-7 day delivery" is mainly for the price sensitive customer based on the consideration, but also the industry that summer, business enterprise and courier companies generally face high temperature and pressure distribution to the thunderstorm, the implementation of "slow delivery" to help decompress themselves. Freight can be more cost-effective than free." Amazon China revealed that the current slow delivery service only in Shanghai (except Chongming) and some parts of Harbin opened. But this service is limited to the purchase of Amazon’s proprietary product, delivery time will be up to 4-7 days, compared to the company launched the "day" and "next day" service delivery speed greatly slowed down. read more

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Apple Pay embrace a public electricity supplier App Taobao absent

news February 18th, although the domestic consumers to pay online but today already It is quite common for Apple Pay login, China or brush up a wave of worship. Billion state power network, now mobile applications have access to Apple Pay in vip.com, jumei.com and other Jingdong, including Taobao, but the missing.

According to

billion state power network to understand, App updates at present the following can support Apple Pay: vip.com, dangdang.com, original life, jumei.com, the U.S. group, public comment, Enjoy, Ctrip Travel, where to go, Chinese Air China, China auto rental, easy to car, U.S., opal film, micro ticket etc.. read more

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After all, the financial empire to perish, the ecosystem can continue


today to share an article from others in the community to learn about the three levels of Taobao money, can be considered to be Taobao’s ecosystem, is like a chain in the ecosystem. Is that you can extrapolate, think about present their position, change their mode of thinking, and thinking about the future planning.

this low-end circle of people, is the silly decoration shop, upload the product, make the product description, such as customer witness, limit, buying and other means, as well as brush, brush, etc.. The Taobao shop should be a big fish in this circle, but in this circle the next level of the chain, who is a fool do Taobao, Taobao and others for promotion, off the next level the chain is the brush off, such as Taobao to brush off a single to earn a few dollars, basic this is a group of people belonging to the bottom of the food chain. In other words, if the Taobao store can earn 20 thousand a month, then this group of Taobao customers, is almost able to earn $5000, while the code can only earn 2000 passengers. read more

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India women in rural consumption gradually upgrade electricity supplier in the gap is not small

Abstract: rural women’s mouth to collect product information mainly rely on friends and relatives, 32% of women would ask the local small shop owners. As can be seen from the above data, the rural women’s market has a lot of consumer demand to upgrade

recently, the market research agency (Accenture Strategy) maisun zhe published an article entitled "rural female consumers" report, the report pointed out that the consumption structure of India rural areas are undergoing significant changes. The rate of literacy among rural women in India is rising rapidly, with the country’s literacy rate of 46% in 2001, compared to 59% in the year to 2011. As the average family in India is getting smaller, women start working with their husbands. Rural women in India are becoming more independent, more purchasing power, and more networked and love brand products. Rural women are gradually mastering the family’s shopping power, focusing on rural markets and women’s market is the time to change the strategy to seize market opportunities. read more

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Do poineering mobile Internet App four matters needing attention

recently, people often ask me about the promotion, there is some ieda, some have a demo, and when we communicate, most people do feel quite blind App, mainly due to App is now very popular, everyone wants to make money, have an idea immediately to do, to do expect the market suddenly came out, suddenly thought of the promotion, so a chat, never before found a lot of work to do. I would like to do to do the mobile Internet App attention to everyone listed, I wish the transformation of entrepreneurial friends can be a quick success. read more

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Jumei.com mobile transactions accounted for more than 57% users reached 28 million

in the tide of mobile Internet, hand media era. Electricity providers in the mobile terminal brewing a new round of arms race". In early 2012, mobile business has become the strategic highland of mainstream business, Jingdong, dangdang.com, jumei.com and other platforms have the force of the mobile client, open the mobile phone side of the entrance of the dispute.

May 2012, jumei.com officially launched the mobile phone client, mobile end users reached 28 million. With the seamless integration of user experience and continuous upgrading of the mobile terminal and PC terminal, jumei.com has to seize the initiative in the mobile e-commerce wave. read more

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B2B industry website sales methods and content

often have a lot of people ask: Li Xuejiang, B2B industry website is how to sell, what sales methods, which work content, for people who have done the B2B industry website to know, but the basis of the. But for the novice, just enter the industry of the people, it is necessary to understand the system, some people have asked me, I do this industry segments of the B2B industry website, can the country find the agent? Is he doesn’t know how to sell. Here is a brief explanation.

1 B2B industry website sales read more

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Without the mask exposure myth burst not cooked derivative what way

"three noes" mask exposure, false myth of wealth has been punctured by the derivative demonized to expand, the key is whether the "cooked" out of the circle of friends

"do not think you talk about skin care, are trying to earn your money. In fact, the face is yours, the spot is yours, wrinkles are yours……"

this is a typical mask micro business marketing copy. Write really good, but can not afford to circle of friends every day, friends are really tired. read more

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