UC Yu Yongfu Internet Co will encounter PC traffic decline embarrassment

as the technology CEO Yu Yongfu (micro-blog) (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lei Jianping) September 10th news, mobile Internet entrance Internet giant has increasingly become a hotly contested spot, UC chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology, pay more attention to the Internet giant behind the layout of the mobile Internet, all Internet companies will face the embarrassment of PC flow decreased.

Yu Yongfu judge, in June this year to June next year, China all Internet Co PC PC traffic has not come to an end, not moving up, but before June next year will gradually decline, this is everyone had to face the reality. Internet cafes have significantly decreased the number of users, user behavior has been significantly shifted to the mobile internet." read more

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A5 webmaster network to carry out a comprehensive bidding Baidu optimization hosting services

Admin5 station network November 16th news, in order to achieve accurate delivery of key words to enhance the hit rate, the best creative writing, enhance the quality of A5 keywords, carry out the bidding Baidu managed service station network (http://ppc.admin5.com/), to enhance the Baidu bid price increase customers, to spend the least money, earn the most effective flow.

Baidu bidding account optimization that is according to the agreement, will be for the account of your Baidu give us the optimization, do the provisions of the contract results in the negotiation time, we will arrange professional Bidding Engineer to your account account structure, bidding keywords, creative and description, keyword bidding, promotion links and many other elements of optimization, to achieve the purpose of improving promotion effect. A5 bidding optimization hosting service will become the webmaster required quality service. read more

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Berlin has become the world’s first city with the name of the public and businesses can register 30

from March 18th onwards, Berlin, Germany, the public and businesses can be 30 to 60 euros a year price, registered.Berlin domain name website. Berlin has also become the world’s first place to have a city name, other cities such as New York, Paris, London, Nagoya, are waiting for approval of ICANN. The next place to get a city name is london.

About 50 cities around the world will have access to the

domain name, ICANN believes that in the first 12 months,.Berlin domain name registration will bring them and Berlin to bring in revenue of $500 thousand. read more

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The global DNS domain name Taking incremental Top10 million net, new online list

IDC Review Network (idcps.com) 06, reported: according to the latest data released by DailyChanges shows that in June 26th, in the global domain name domain name of the new incremental Top10 list, China occupies a total of 3 seats. The list of Chinese DNS providers are: China million net, DNSPod and beijing. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the detailed statistical statements.

(Figure 1) global domain name service provider domain name increment Top10

as shown in Figure 1, the new domain name on the list before ten DNS providers are: DOMAINCONTROL.COM, WORLDNIC.COM, REGISTRAR-SERVERS.COM, NAMEBRIGHTDNS.COM, DNSPod, Chinese civilink, Beijing, NAME-SERVICES.COM, ONAMAE.COM and HOSTGATOR.COM. read more

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P2P platform turnover during the year or up to 300 billion the cumulative risk of accumulation

according to net loan home statistics, as of the end of 11, P2P platform loan balance of 89 billion 641 million yuan. The industry is expected that the end of this year, the loan balance is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan. It is worth mentioning that, from the loan period, Guangdong, Sichuan and the Yangtze River Delta region through the P2P platform for financing companies, the average loan period of 3 months or so.

China Internet Association released the China Internet financial report (2014) shows that in the first half of this year, P2P platform turnover of nearly $100 billion, equivalent to 2013 full year turnover. A number of research institutions in the industry is expected by the end of the year, the turnover of P2P platform will reach 2000 to $300 billion. read more

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From Yi and incident on non slogan user first

on the H Hotel woman attacked "event, in addition to emphasize safety awareness and self-help mode, more voice denouncing response to Ctrip and the official home. This can be seen as a failure of the crisis, but fundamentally, why let the crisis happen?

when the "user first" corporate values only the slogan of the shell, the real needs from the user needs the concept of methodology.

driven by user needs as the main line, talk about my product methodology

this is everyone’s product manager community team notes read more

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Amoy fourth quarter B2C merchant commodity price index report is credible

this is a Amoy announced in January 31st last year in the fourth quarter, the domestic well-known B2C electricity supplier website price index, due to a scouring network in the field of commodity price professional degrees, a report of such a nature, is caused by the industry’s hot. Especially in the report which appeared in some businesses are very large price fluctuations, which is involved in the electricity supplier companies can not calm. The most obvious fluctuation among the Jingdong angrily questioned the mall Amoy network neutrality of this data, claiming it was "completely made up of libel". read more

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Do grassroots webmaster tragic history of network marketing in Enterprises

I still remember very clearly that I was in October 5, 2011, when the entry of the company is now the position of the website editor. But only in the company, I found that the site is a included only a few of the chain basically no one station keywords positioning illogical, at that time I just edit this website as a not essential position, boss is very simple, we have a the website, you just write some articles can be patted photos. BTW my previous experience, I’ve done a year internship reporter on television, on photography, camera, editing articles have some experience, then went to Guangzhou for a game company game designer. Thank you very much for the two period of valuable experience, after which I really come into contact with SEO, I found, to study in the two jobs on a lot of work skills and work habits is very important, this will be talked about in my back. read more

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The fourth generation of B2B e-commerce business model

recently by the Xiamen times, according to Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the first time) the launch of the Timesfirst.com electronic commerce network, the website is not only recently on the line, and the line as early as 2006. They take BNJ (Business + Network + Job) mode, gathering more trade resources mainly through trade contacts, the formation of a four-dimensional structure (enterprise + product + talent + contacts) won praise to give, but soon Alibaba, China manufacturing network to replace. At present, in order to win again to give trust and esteem, they boldly put forward the "fourth generation of e-commerce mode" concept. read more

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Baidu post bar to enable the new domain name into the new standard of communication and interaction

the world’s largest Chinese community in the day before the opening of a new Baidu Post Bar tieba.baidu.com domain name, the domain name before post.baidu.com can still be used, but will be redirected to the new address. It is understood that after 4 years of development, "Post Bar" this special community model has been widely used, has become a general and instant messaging, Internet forums and blogs are a new form of communication.

, according to the reporter confirmed that it has completed the new domain name analysis, paste the main station and the domain name of each page has been fully enabled. Before entering post.baidu.com, domain name is redirected to tieba.baidu.com. At present, the introduction of Baidu know, Wikipedia and other products, as well as the recent release of finance, entertainment channels have adopted a similar domain name settings. read more

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The Spring Festival this year is still part of the network business Express stop the recipient

Beijing News (reporter Su Manli) although the State Post Bureau issued a document required several courier companies are not allowed to pass a business, three choose the Spring Festival is not closed Tatsuya in the official website, but reporters yesterday consulted found that some express outlets to stop the recipient, express "out" the situation is still relatively common, only EMS and SF clear yet you can receive.

three links are said to be delayed

Shen Tong, tact, in the pass, rhyme this one of three private courier companies released the Spring Festival before the date of operation plan, decided to "year-round", February 9th -15, will continue to provide the receiving and sending pieces of the service. However, several courier companies have said that due to special circumstances may occur during the holiday season, will cause delays in express. Tact, Shen Tong and Tong clear may delay 1-5. Rhyme express, said on February 10th -15, courier rates will be raised. read more

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EBay China adjust course eBay independent operation

"twenty-first Century": now look back, how do you think of eBay in China that famous failure?

Liao Guangyu: in fact, I have always thought that the experience of eBay in China is more like this textbook, multinational companies in China can encounter problems, eBay have suffered. But in the final analysis, because we do not succeed in localization. Including our understanding of user habits and the definition of their own products, marketing awareness, including our management ideas and models, then the United States that is a copy of the thing. read more

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Google Adsense pragmatic awareness and service awareness

Login Google Adsense backstage today, suddenly thought of 2 questions:

1) Google company has art? Is his page beautiful? Do you have a sense of beauty?
2) service awareness, not you get the account, you help him make money later, even if the more appropriate service.We do not


with mian:Have you applied for a Google

to apply for a Google Adsense account: right link to quickly apply for Google account read more

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The competitive advantage of small and medium sized e-commerce enterprises

has been in the small B2C e-commerce enterprises in a relatively awkward and confused situation, neither Jingdong like VANCL, as the big companies to burn smashing advertising, brand culture, market share, there is no traditional retail tycoon as congenital brand capital, do not have their own products and more factories. Not like Taobao, pat that users of low cost and flexibility. So, in the era of rapid development of e-commerce, small and medium enterprises in the direction of development, compared to large enterprises, where is the core competitiveness? read more

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Ministry of Commerce to talk about sea Amoy as soon as possible to promote cross-border electricity

Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference 2, said Shen Danyang, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, at present, the overall construction of Hangzhou comprehensive experimental area is progressing smoothly, achieved a phased effect. As of October this year, the test area into the customs statistics of cross-border electricity supplier scale has more than 1 billion 700 million u.s.. Next, on the basis of summing up the successful experience of Hangzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone, copy and promote the country as soon as possible. read more

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Micro business ten points teach you to make micro business master!

derivative was once synonymous with advertising circle of friends, used to be synonymous with three products, if there are a lot of micro business with this 2014 to earn money, then 2015 will be more and more slim chance. 2015, micro business will be a big reshuffle, the early period of fast money window has been closed. 2015 micro business, we must have excellent quality products, in order to change the marketing approach to direct advertising, to pay attention to the marketing methods and methods. read more

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IPhone4S sold more than 30 thousand net occasionally is not a liar

recently, there are a number of users to consult me about the occasional network is not a liar site problem. Although I still relatively early on the auction site, there are some views on this model, but it can not be concluded that the occasional network is a liar site, but it is recommended that users choose carefully, so as not to be deceived. Because you never sell fine, especially black was Chinese businesses, consumers can easily fall into the trap of the business.

occasionally online cheap auction iPhone4S read more

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Electricity supplier chiefs, the two must be electricity providers must do price war must fight

DoNews May 29th news (reporter Xiang Shuang) the rapid influx of hot money from VC, to the home appliance business because of the goods, capital and other problems forced stop "electric qualifier", domestic enterprises in recent years are experiencing a "roller coaster" general thrill.

capital gradually cooling but still can not stop the high-speed running of the industry, in 2012, Beijing e-commerce conference site is still All seats are occupied. participants came people, even to set up at the venue before the more than and 10 row seat, just to listen to from WAL-MART, where the customer Eslite retail, business executives for the development of the industry good. And from their speech, you can sum up the two must principle, one is the electricity supplier must do it, and the other is the price war must be fought. read more

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The Yangtze River Business School released a new type of online retail

NetEase Francisco January 17th news, yesterday the school globalization research center was held in Beijing on the theme of "new business seminar, the development status of domestic online retail industry leader — new and future trends", and released "Chinese online retail industry: observation and Outlook" report.

is different from the traditional online shopping platform according to the type of (B2B, B2C, C2C) to observe the main research methods, the report of the industry value chain and management theory as the research framework, the online trading platform operators as the research perspective, the domestic online retail industry representative business and operation mode and supply of resources integration a comparative analysis of research strategy. Report selected Alibaba (Taobao and Tmall), Jingdong, suning.com, one store, Amazon, vip.com, China dangdang.com, Tencent electricity suppliers and other industry leading enterprises as the research object, analyses their backgrounds, leadership, development goal and strategy, niche market, management characteristics, value chain elements of industrial supplies resource integration strategy and other aspects of the situation, the basic business and operational management model to divide the domestic online retail industry into five types: value chain integration mode, open platform mode, O2O mode, sale mode and social mode. read more

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In November 10th 11 Tmall double red order is what how to collect the double 11 order red Taobao

What is the Tmall

November 10th double 11 red order? How to collect the double 11 order red Taobao November 10th Tmall red? Order has come out, the 2015 Tmall double order 11 envelopes and Taobao double order 11 red is the hottest red double eleven this year. Because it is not only the official can send red envelopes, shops can also send, consumers can also send. Red envelope. Here is a small Henan Baidu to share the Tmall November 10th double 11 envelopes.

What is the Tmall

November 10th double 11 red order? How to collect the double 11 order red Taobao? (text version) read more

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