IBM revenue continued to decline but the blue giant to prove his non old

IBM today announced the 2016 fiscal first quarter earnings, IBM reported a first quarter revenue of $18 billion 684 million, fell 5%, net profit of $2 billion 14 million, down 13%. IBM quarter revenue has declined for sixteenth consecutive quarters, struggling in the mire for transformation of the blue giant is not good-looking, and hold IBM stock the largest single shareholder Buffett had also said Berkshire caused losses to buy shares in IBM a lot, as the past tens of year one of the most successful technology companies, IBM can restore the confidence of investors and markets read more

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Supplementary provisions of the video site will soon be introduced

for potatoes, Youku such favored by users of video sites, yesterday may be a watershed. According to the introduction of the end "provisions on the administration of Internet audio-visual program service" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), these provide video services without background in state-owned commercial websites has been in the "grey zone illegal".

, however, Internet commentators Liu Xingliang said yesterday, the State Administration of radio, the relevant provisions of the forthcoming introduction, perhaps to bring these video sites. read more

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Taobao client will be built micro Amoy content appears like WeChat


/i world network operators Ma Weimin

at the end of April, the new Taobao client will be the built-in micro Amoy, Taobao wireless division vice president Bu Ying believes that micro Amoy will greatly change the business structure and product structure of Taobao mobile phone, from the traditional shopping channel, into business customers, maintaining customer marketing tools.

is still in beta stage micro Amoy, ordinary users can experience this product in the HTML5 mobile phone Taobao page, and micro Amoy officially launched, will become Taobao’s mobile phone sub channel, I network operators in the world got the beta version for the first time today, let us see as soon. read more

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The Internet Conference will change the life of the black technology

Jiangnan Water Town encountered the Internet, two different elements of the collision of a dazzling spark.

recently, the third Internet World Congress held in Zhejiang in Wuzhen, the theme of "innovation for the benefit of mankind" Internet Conference is very down to earth, the giant companies have produced their own housekeeping black technology, show China technology muscle to the whole world, many innovations involving the future life, become one of the most watched the highlight of the world Internet conference. read more

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QQ Internet full open to help webmasters improve traffic and reputation

not long ago, QQ announced the official launch of for Internet PhpWind 8.3 plug-in version, means that the forum will be built using the PhpWind system can easily have a QQ function, and over 90% Internet Chinese forum will achieve QQ login. Now, QQ has been open to the full amount of the Internet, QQ account a key login, sync information to QQ space and Tencent micro-blog, can be third party website reputation, cited traffic. Fully support Discuz, X2 / X1.5.1 / X1.5 / 7.2 PHPWind8.5 / 8.3 / 8. read more

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Baidu web search market share of 77% in the three quarter increased by $7.6%

recently, the third party research company iResearch released the latest "Chinese search engine Market Research Report" shows that the third quarter of 2009, Baidu’s Web search request of market share rose 1.3 percentage points, to 77%, a new record high, continue to lead the search engine market China absolute advantage. Google third consecutive quarters of decline, the market share has shrunk to 17.9%.

iResearch data show that in the third quarter of 2009, China web search request amounted to 54 billion 500 million times the web search request volume growth of 7.6%; Baidu’s Web search requests for 41 billion 940 million times, 38 billion 320 million times increase of 9.4% compared to the previous quarter, an increase of more than the level of the overall market growth. read more

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The starry piano nets Ceng Jigui was elected 2009 Annual Top Ten Innovative people

In January 24th, the 2009 annual awards ceremony in harmony China influential figures contest held in Beijing National Convention center. The music and dance epic "road to revival" Chinese director, people’s Liberation Army art Dean Zhang Jigang, art evergreen, smashing the famous film artist Tian Hua, moved Chinese’s two hundred characters, China Paul? Korchagin, blind writer, a war hero and other cultural celebrities in the harmonious China Guang Zhu Shi 2009 Annual ten? The influence of character; and became popular for singing the new song China 60 anniversary of "state" of the new generation of Chinese American singer Liu Yuanyuan, singer, the United Nations Environmental envoy You Yanzi won the love singing harmony Chinese 2009 outstanding artistic achievement award?. The starry piano nets general manager, Xingguo hotline (xingguo.cc) chairman Ceng Jigui for its outstanding contribution to excellence in the field of IT and make to the construction of harmonious society, won the 2009 annual China harmonious ten innovative character "title. read more

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Do stand three years, I do not know where the road

      I know when how to surf the net, I began the endless reverie on the net, chat (Fantasy) crazy crazy irrigation, until one day I know I imagine a place called network, to the place called the site every day, every day of irrigation is BBS, there is a mystery the name of the place behind. He is determined to strive for progress with determination, our contributions to the development of the socialist Chinese network (with generous ah ~ ~!) Again, time surfing the Internet Internet, have their own computer, the Internet has become one of my 3.1, after n much money and effort, finally a little small, learned to do a HTML page, buy a bottle of beer happy for a long time (!!) Also claimed that China has a reserve force, ha ha… read more

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Wretch with social networking service members exceeded 6 million 500 thousand

October 9th news, according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan famous website "wretch" recently for the first time publicly announced that its membership number has exceeded 6 million 500 thousand people, Taiwan has become the first major social networking sites. And when it joined YAHOO in 2007, the number of users is only 2 million 750 thousand people, in the past two years has increased by 236%.

media quoted the wretch senior director Jian Zhiyu reported that the unknown future will continue to embrace the YAHOO open and community two strategies, which is to promote the focus of community. The ring has gradually developed a variety of social tools, such as "who came to my house", "whisper", "friends," Lianliankan "wellmeeting", help users to create their own personal life circle. read more

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Stationmaster net broadcast blood, for QQ interested tribal Ali 900 million sell Beauty Group shares

introduction: Baidu Post Bar door event storm has passed, now the blood bar appears again, even to QQ tribal interests, trying to do? Xiaobian also don’t know. See below for details.

1 bar for blood QQ interested tribal Baidu event winner Post Bar Jie  

until now, Baidu employee Wang Wenyuan still believes Post Bar event is an organized conspiracy in the view of the 2012 University Graduate recruits Baidu programmers, Baidu head shrouded in clouds coincidence too that before this, be caught off guard, he and his colleagues are talking more high light moment without a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment the car and the Wuzhen convention. read more

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A new complex filing system is as difficult as a second child birth certificate

in recent days to talk about Adsense communication group is more new filing system, the owners joked: "complex new filing system degree of difficulty no less than a second child birth certificate." To be honest, it is true that the new filing system will lead to at least 30% of the site to go abroad or shut down, grassroots webmaster will survive. In addition to the original new filing system should provide all kinds of information (basic information list, see below) plus the organizer valid documents scanned, the organizers responsible person valid documents scanned, the organizers responsible person legal authorization scan, information security management protocol, scan the site record information authenticity verification single scan, scan domain authorization. The information is good, the most difficult is the person in charge of the scene to take photos scanned, which means that if you are in Beijing, you are in Guangzhou, you will begin your trip to Beijing. If you do not want to go to Beijing, you can also, let the IDC provider to provide you with a background map and then print into 1600mm× 1600mm photo background. And it is recommended to use a digital camera, if you have always wanted to buy a digital camera has not been bought, this time you will have the opportunity to buy a. read more

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The most likely to travel with the same process they steal hundreds of thousands of data with the wa

every reporter Xia Bing

outbound travel market, the next 10 years, the tourism industry is another trillion wealth gold mine. In the electricity business giants have increased the outbound market at the same time, a large number of hidden in the aura behind the start-ups are quietly exploring new markets, trying to change what efforts in this field "ants giant elephant" battle. Therefore, from time to time collision.

recently, and will travel with the way tourism dispute most start-ups, seem to indicate that the heat and the development of this market pulse. read more

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Yu Bin e-commerce has become the first choice of online business model

with the advent of the Internet era, more and more small and medium enterprises choose e-commerce, e-commerce will continue to be an important bargaining chip for the development of smes. In June 2007, with Premier Wen Jiabao’s "on accelerating the development of electronic commerce continue to implement a number of opinions", by the national development and Reform Commission, the State Council Information Office jointly issued the "China’s first e-commerce development plan" in 11th Five-Year "(hereinafter referred to as the" plan "). The "planning" has established the strategic intention of the state to develop e-commerce, which is to promote the extensive economic growth mode which is based on the input of resource elements to the intensive growth mode dominated by efficiency and benefit. At the same time, the "planning" stressed that SMEs should actively use the third party e-commerce service platform, the full implementation of a variety of production and business activities of outsourcing, improve the management level and economic benefits. read more

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Google please do not xenophilia localization work, Chinese mainstream!

as a result of the recent Google a lot of things, so it triggered a crazy discussion of the webmaster circles, many people are shouting "Google to beat Baidu," the slogan, I only have their own smile.

we first regardless of whether the Google beat Baidu’s heart, but to improve their market share of the heart is sure, but Google do this?. In fact, many webmaster mentioned the localization problem of Google, seemingly Google has been done in this field changes, but Google has always been a superficial reform, looking at is changed, but the essential thing is missing has never wavered, so this is not what good effect. read more

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Mobile Internet is the first antitrust case hearing v. 360 meters of science and technology

[Abstract]360 mobile guards accused of blocking the plaintiff’s products into the mobile APP market.

360 mobile guards is a mobile security monitoring software, currently has a dominant position in the market.

Tencent science and technology news, China Mobile Internet antitrust first case recently in Beijing second intermediate people’s court hearing. The plaintiff Beijing Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as m m Technology), Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. the Qihoo (hereinafter referred to as Qihoo Technology), the cause of action for unfair competition and Qihoo and abuse of market dominance. read more

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13 departments jointly remediation network order online candid column all closed

newspaper news (reporter Liu Jia) reporter recently learned from the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of public security and other 13 departments from last month in the country to start remediation network order joint action on the Internet set videotaping, dew point, emptied, adult literature column will clear all closed.

online trick prostitute into focus against the object

The joint action of

, each department will focus on four objects: one is the spread of a large number of pornographic information, illegal profits using the Internet and mobile phone; two is launched overseas pornographic website to domestic dissemination of information, the development of members; three is the organization of online pornographic performances and the network on the four network is engaged in prostitution; fraud, theft, sales of contraband and gambling and other criminal activities. read more

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Personal website is successful


carries the dream of Internet enthusiasts have tried to set up their own website. They took all kinds of novel ideas, with friends to raise venture capital, embarked on a path of entrepreneurship. However, like all industries, standing on the top of the Pyramid people will always be the most small, the majority of entrepreneurs to survive the status quo with struggling to describe is not too much. "Alive" — this is the most intuitive feeling for the morning news reporter from the day before the meeting of the "Internet webmaster will". read more

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Pre registration for @msn.cn email account

Last night, when I was on the online www.szol.net in Shenzhen, I had a surprise discovery: MSN has been able to apply for @MSN.CN domain name of the mailbox, but has not yet officially announced. In other words, I found a huge loophole in the application of the Microsoft mailbox account: now you can apply for the.CN domain name of the MSN mailbox, the capacity is 5G, the function is exactly the same as HOTMAIL.  

    perhaps you do not know what is the meaning of.CN domain mail? Then I’ll tell you! There is a mailbox service Microsoft.LIVE’s service, so we are commonly used in hotmail.com or msn.com are provided by Microsoft mailbox before, due to loopholes in question several times, but also led to the live.com and live.cn account for e-mail leaked, to be part of the people in the Microsoft has not yet officially launched live.com and live.cn mail application service has been through the application of different methods to solve the corresponding to their favorite email address, of course, I also apply to:).  

    because now the network developed, hand one or several mailbox is already commonplace, mail is most important and indispensable life network. But one must also remember to use the well mail address is not easy, just like the mobile phone number and license plate number, we all want to have a beautiful fixed, and a brief note, improve the function of the e-mail address. (about the email account problem, then details!)

    continuous fighting all night, I have applied for my name, including a lot of email address, such as ok@msn.cn; love@msn.cn; good@msn.cn; application and so on, after it is to think of what a good name to apply for, look at the Internet was the sale of what.LIVE.COM mail account, but for me don’t plan on this fortune, in fact there is a common good, many also useless. So, in order to benefit everyone, especially if you are my friends on MSN, then you can enjoy first-hand information, the first to apply for the e-mail address you want! We can all applaud now! Ha ha ~).

  well, get the following details how to apply: in fact, after the study, the steps I have been reduced to a very simple point! Just follow the link below to complete the @MSN.CN email account application: https://domains.live.com/members/signup.aspx? Domain=msn.cn

    by this train of thought, you can also change the last =MSN.CN to =MSN.COM, so that you can apply for other domains > read more

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Daily topic Baidu encyclopedia to cancel the expansion of Wikipedia SEO read out of the river

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 23rd news, Baidu encyclopedia announced that, because of the expansion of reading features and reference materials, and thus cancel the expansion of reading function!

announcement is as follows:

respect for the Encyclopedia of users, the extension of the reading function with the Encyclopedia has gone through many years.

many core users also have deep feelings about this feature.

now, however, the main function of the extended reading to provide references to Wikipedia entries has been replaced by reference. read more

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More than 500 national websites vulgar put up the shutters

since January 5th, according to incomplete statistics, the communications authority has been shut down in accordance with the law relevant departments informed of the vulgar pornographic and other illegal sites more than 500 ", the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of information industry and the Ministry said," wind remediation special action of the Internet as a focus of the current work, based on early to combat Internet pornography special work on a comprehensive renovation of the online vulgar bad information. read more

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