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Two GCSD employees sent to hospital after school vehicle crash

first_imgGREENE (WBNG) – Two Greene Central School District employees were sent to the hospital after a school vehicle crash Tuesday. The Greene Central School District Superintendent Timothy Calice wrote on the page, The two people involved were a driver and bus monitor, and no students were on the school vehicle at the time. According to the Greene Central School District’s Facebook page, the employees were in a school vehicle belonging to the school district when it crashed on Genegantslet Road around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. ” We are sending positive thoughts their way. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the first responders from Smithville and Greene. We are blessed to have such fine professionals caring for our community.”last_img read more

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How those in recovery are keeping communication during this time

first_img“We’re on the front lines. We’re not going to go anywhere. We can’t,” said Walker. “We ask them if they’ve been out of the country, if they have any symptoms, if they know anyone. And if they don’t and we’re not worried about that, then we meet with them individually,” said Walker. For more information on Casa-Trinity, click here. “If people are uncomfortable to come in, that does not mean that we can’t meet them. So we’re doing a lot of phone or Facetime or Zoom meetings with those individuals,” said Walker. But organizations around the Southern Tier are working to still serve those who need it most. For those who rely on group meetings, communication is more important now than ever. Even virtually. “I think connection is a big deal in recovery and I think for people coming into group and seeing people, especially when they start with a group of people and you go through the process together, this may be a more difficult time,” said Walker. “When you go onto something like Zoom it broadens your horizons and lets you meet people from all over the world right now.” Although, many specialists are taking advantage of technology. The Casa-Trinity office in Tioga County is still open and ready to serve, but nobody is physically there.center_img “We’re just trying to take the precautionary measures and guidelines of the state in the best interest of our clients and our coworkers,” said Walker. It is still able to hold some in-person meetings after screenings with clients. So while addiction isn’t stopping during this time, neither are the people working to fight it. Anyone who is trying to reach the Center of Treatment Innovation (COTI) office, can call Walker’s cell phone at (607)378-7053. Casa-Trinity is an organization with programs in Tioga County, that provides substance abuse treatment and education. (WBNG) — For those going through addiction treatment or are in recovery, now can be an especially isolating time. “Just because the coronavirus is going on, doesn’t mean addiction isn’t. This isn’t an eight to five o’clock thing, it’s 24/7, there’s always people struggling,” said certified recovery peer advocate Logan Walker.last_img read more

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Local senior finishes bucket list in style

first_imgIf you want to learn more about the organizations, you can check out MyJump! and Skydiving Finger Lakes. We spoke with Webb Weiman, the Founder of My Jump!, who said they’ve completed all sorts of different experiences on bucket lists over the years. But 71-year-old Ed Allen might be the last person you’d expect to actually do it. “Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane has always been something on my bucket list.” “I don’t like airplanes,” Allen explained, “I fly radio-controlled airplanes but I stay on the ground while they fly, but I don’t like airplanes, I don’t like heights.” “Webb Weiman from My Jump! gave me a call and was looking for a drop zone to get Ed in the air with, obviously more than happy to handle that for him and it’s been a great experience so far,” Jeff Foster, Owner/Operator of Skydive Finger Lakes explained. When it came to what Ed was looking forward to the most during the jump? “I think this organization above anything else, is truly about the moments,” said Webb Weiman “It’s the moment they land, it’s the moment they look at you with the twinkle in their eye, you can feel the gratitude in their heart. It’s really all those things combined that make me believe that what we’re doing, is not only something good but life-changing.” “You can go in a racecar, we’ve taken people in an 18 wheeler, and we’ve done a lot on the ground, but to get off the ground, I think is very symbolic for achieving something that you’ve never done before,” Weiman says.center_img With his bucket list now complete, Ed seems pretty happy to be back on solid ground. Ed’s journey started about a year ago when he heard about an organization called My Jump! It’s a non-profit out of California whose mission is to help low-income seniors check something off their bucket list. And after months of waiting, Ed finally was able to feel the weightlessness he was looking for. “It was fun but I don’t think I want to do it again,” Ed said with some chuckle “Beautiful view, great experience, it was something I needed to do once.” ITHACA, N.Y. (WBNG) — Skydiving is one of the most popular experiences when it comes to making a bucket list and a local senior was able to check that off his after making the jump of a lifetime Monday. So with the help of Skydive Finger Lakes, Ed’s dream was starting to take flight. “Weightlessness. I’m looking forward to those 20 to 30 seconds of weightlessness.”last_img read more

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