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Wang Kejiang Albert visited the pavilion, soft Wen interview summary

light processing is advantageous for users to edit the articles were collected, and then summarize the main ideas, do the opposite, in line with the user reading interest.

, editor of the three way 3

2, editorial writing principle


thank you for the opportunity to give Albert Ge platform, thank lonely small dream team, thanks to the fat man introduced me and small dreams, thanks to the tea house Li Yuchen, 25, finally thank all the visiting friends Albert pavilion.

network platform is equivalent to us on the Internet opened a company, want to have a good development, we must grasp the quality of products, but also is the article we said, this is the only thing we can keep readers from it is the only thing we can comply with the search engine to the standard, from long-term interests, good article will sooner or later be found that readers, gold light is sooner or later. read more

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The value orientation of links to optimize the site link

2, for the user to speed up the construction of the

in the divergent about this point, the link speed is relative to the users, is also a link to our site to help quickly find the information they want users, then we can do are:

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Do not know if you are not concerned about Li Jianzhong’s article "link strength evaluation of link quality dimension", after I read the sigh for a link to the evaluation is really accurate, from the 8 dimensions of the link for us to explain what kind of link is the high quality of the link in the text, although most of these links in theory, he talked about the mobile phone application software based on the analysis, but personally feel that these 8 dimensions apply to our website for Shanghai dragon link quality assurance. read more

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Why your web site keywords flow conversion rate is less than

to stand in the point of view of the user experience website in the article talked about the importance of user experience on a website in the website, has been circulating on the Internet content is king, the chain for the emperor’s concept of search engine optimization, recently I also told some webmaster friends in the chat, from the conversation to understand, although many webmaster friends through the study of the operation of Shanghai Longfeng, site in a lot of keywords give good ranking, website has not received the expected profit, many owners are thus given up the operation of the site get disheartened. If you are facing a webmaster of this problem, then you have to look at my analysis as follows. read more

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The site domain name is not the first to raise

, a website content is

The chain of health

both the old station or railway station, the site is down right to hurry back, or start from the content of the website, the so-called content is the soul of the website, a website of the soul are not, so there is a light body put what is the use? Website is also true, good structure no good content is no good. For the new station site, the original quality content is more important, therefore, after the site is down right next to find the cause of the construction is the most important content of the website. read more

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