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9 ways to make your expensive website chain worth

is from a web page are only a link more valuable. Many pages have 200 or more links, if your link is one of them it will be little results of this export link. On the other hand, many directory page, even if there are 200 links, most of which is nofollow, even if this nofollow is effective.

6, a large number of backlinks page outbound links


3, the anchor text is the best choice of the

2, the reverse link site PR high but not appropriate anchor text.

site PR high but the anchor text is "click here" or similar things, the effectiveness of the anchor text is very weak. Keywords anchor text is very important, therefore, if the anchor text backlinks is so, it is of no value. read more

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The analysis methods of website optimization based on domain name

optimization The name

what kind of domain name has been the highest weight? In the part optimization master under the guidance of the thought of gov type and edu type domain name domain name is expected to be given higher weights. I think this argument can not say no way, but not necessarily. In comparison, the gov is a special class of government websites, edu education website domain name (in Chinese, domain name is the university to some amount of information, patent) can be expected to be rich some. Congenital factors not only determine the domain category weights of the website, the website content for the website, and the related subject domain type. read more

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Analysis on how to maintain the original website content

Chinese is good at imitation. This is in the world without controversy. Because many Chinese think this time-saving, don’t even have to pay much cost. But, we ignore a. In imitation of the goods at the same time, also harm the interests of consumers. If consumers buy inferior products, customer service service will not exist. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of the original. The website also to keep the original. The user is to see your site out of the ordinary side to come to your website, see if you can find some more interesting. So, we will think about how to keep the original web site? I am writing at the same time, constantly sum up experience and come up with some good methods, hope useful to you. read more

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Something about love, love Shanghai, Shanghai weighted index conversion rate had to say


actually do Shanghai dragon knows, and Google PR open compared to love Shanghai weight is never open. Since the love of Shanghai did not disclose relevant data, then these webmaster tools provide love Shanghai weight check whether reliable

Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog once saw a new station on the line less than a month love Shanghai weight reached 5, love Shanghai traffic forecast of around 10 thousand, the outer chain can see dozens of. Through love station history information view, found that weight is instantly raised to 5. This is the master, you can only envy, not to learn the mysteries, but this is just an ordinary贵族宝贝 domain name. read more

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Do Shanghai dragon on the importance of URL optimization and general method

content is the basis of a website, the chain is a bridge, a site of course, there are a very important factor is the site of URL, which is within the chain, chain arrangement within the site is directly related to the search engines to crawl and index, then we should be how to layout the internal our website URL.

as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon world is a lot of people hanging in the mouth of a Bible, "content is king, the chain for emperor", this sentence from Shanghai, the date of birth has been regarded as the industry to do Shanghai Longfeng criterion is whether we are doing Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon or do other keywords or to the basic starting point. Yes, although the object of Shanghai Longfeng face is the search engine, is a machine, but in the end through the search engine to transfer the need for expression, or the user itself, so it is important that the ultimate goal is to serve Shanghai Longfeng service for the people, so that those who have targeted people, he can find the keywords search. The content you want, which is consistent with the search engine development direction and service purpose; besides the chain, is to your website and search engine as a social interpersonal relationship one to consider a person’s social relations, more and more people know, the more praise, that this person’s prestige is higher, and vice versa a person, self closed, no contact with the outside world, or is out of order and make some friends, bad reviews, his prestige is low, a website is the same The truth, the interior of the website is more reasonable, the content is higher, with your keywords and description roughly the content of the website, not plagiarism or pseudo original content, more links outside the station, the article was reproduced more, then your keywords ranking is higher, the higher the weight, that is to say you the Shanghai dragon is success. read more

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Taobao off Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon Er to how frequently shuffle

2. Taobao off site right down


page ranking of the website, why would be down right? The reason is obvious, the most direct factor is the Shanghai dragon too. The chain and content is the website ranking factors: first, the website template is a single, most of them is a template, a class of programs, from the content of the update, no one is to manually update the original article every day, as long as the ranking, it changed the content acquisition of Taobao. In addition, some data from Shanghai dragon can also be discerned: one, the chain can be amazing, a website within a short period of time to tens of thousands of the chain, which certainly has most of the chain link is rubbish; second, the black hat Shanghai dragon, this is the love of Shanghai have been opposed, and Taobao to guest website ranking Shanghai dragon, the purchase link behavior of many, many websites also purchased a large number of gov chain, interesting!! the website traffic single source, a high quality website, not only by Shanghai dragon, the love of Shanghai at this point in the test; fourth, the chain from Witkey, not stable. A number is not stable, released during the mission, the surge in the chain, no task, the number of the chain will not increase. Another is the quality is not stable, many Witkey only do the chain project, they trained a number of spam blogs, article chain reached dozens of hundreds of such links will also affect the quality of website. read more

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Summarizes the three key points of Shanghai dragon Er how to do site outside of the chain

you can see above have a lot of love Shanghai snapshot update, on which we can check out this comparison, see people where to do, how others do it, the key is to look at our own website is not recorded. Then, too, the most stupid way is how people do we do in this particular summary, sometimes compared to later find yourself or do not have to be included, so pay attention to more careful look at what time people generally do, what we are the time to do it, not afraid of success.

is the first key: more analysis and summary of read more

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The enterprise website Links exchange method


two: exchange links should be gradual and regular

3: the site for more than a year, in the new, stable and included a certain number; (these stations in Shanghai appears to have been the old station?)

4: the website every day to keep update, change links and find friends like, we are looking for diligent station exchange.

6: there is a correlation with your keywords, optimization of the relevance of the website link, has the absolute advantage.

said what a site can exchange Links, so we should pay attention to exchange links: a step by step. Don’t be a day in exchange for ten, twenty, so the search engine will be suspected of cheating, my method is 3 choose your 5 keywords in the daily 2-3 exchange links, each word exchange about 10, for deepening in the search engine’s impression, the basic link quantity control in about 30. Then observe a month or so, see the ranking of keywords. At the same time for the next link don’t one-time next a dozen fluctuations too no small impact. Here, the object of exchange link, how to find read more

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Show Microsoft Google Chrome browser will support touch operation

previously, Microsoft has WebKit based browser released a test version of Pointer Events. But Pointer announced Events standard to Blink based browser support does not mean that Chrome will accept the standard. But now, Microsoft has received a lot of positive response.

technology news Beijing time on May 17th morning news, Microsoft today announced that the Blink engine for the Google Chrome browser based on Web standard Pointer Events support. Microsoft hopes to make the Chrome browser allows the touch screen, mouse, electronic pen input devices such as different access site. read more

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The chain is the key to improve the stability and longevity of the website ranking

said today the pay – the chain refers to the "A5 chain marketing platform". This article because of the effect of the chain is very good, the biggest advantage is that once the money after the chain will never need to renew, and this article chain website is not strictly audit delete after the release. Its stability is very good. The quality is very good. And also to enhance website weight. Because I have done this article to introduce the.

2. paid outside the chain of type

believe when you contact the Shanghai dragon have seen "content is king, the chain for emperor" of the word, almost every day in Shanghai Longfeng personnel for the chain worry. Don’t know where to send the chain, don’t know where the chain is more effective and better. Now there are a lot of site drop right and the chain relationship, there may be a lot of people think the use of cluster tool to do outside the chain, then the chain like mass really stable? Now the forum and blog content of the mass software group have direct filtration, and even if the content is successful, maybe two days the chain is deleted. This is Shanghai dragon staff need read more

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