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Master the know-how to obtain the first successful investment

is the first step of venture financing marathon, but this step was stridden is not easy, even a lot of entrepreneurs to stop here.

on the market most of the entrepreneurs have not only own aura, diligent to take every step. In the face of the financing stage, entrepreneurs may have lined up 30-50 investor list, 3-5 introduced by others do not know in advance of the investors, and arrange the intensive fundraising agenda, carefully try to figure out and for investors willing to hear. But after a few weeks of financing down, after meeting with interested investors, found that things are not smooth, there has been a commitment to investors gradually slow down the speed of the mail back, and some even no echo. read more

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Patent infringement the technology startups have to face

introduction: I believe anyone who reads the news will not be seen from the field of mobile phone "world patent wars" smoke: apple and Samsung, Google and Microsoft, HUAWEI and ZTE, HUAWEI and Samsung, Qualcomm and Meizu, HUAWEI and T-Mobile, both OPPO and vivo, millet mobile phone field "rookie NOKIA, Ericsson and other", or "undead veterans", can be said to have less from patent war plagued the mobile phone manufacturers, the general reader has no clear battlefield enemy and friendly. Jane law to help entrepreneurs in the field of technology and hope to share the risk of patent litigation. read more

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How do marketers develop your content marketing plan

although our mission is to promote the practice of content marketing, but we found that many people still need to improve the basic knowledge. More specifically, people need some way to connect these points with all available information.

2014, CMI published a series of articles to help marketers back to basic content marketing, or to improve what they are doing now. If you miss the whole series, here’s a quick start version.

1 define your target

when you do anything, including thinking about what you want to make it clear why you do it. What kind of business do you want to move forward with content marketing? Here are some of the goals and objectives: read more

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A brief analysis of the user experience of medical website marketing

in 6 at the end of the fair, Alipay and Taobao have proposed a whole idea – the user experience. Simple four words, do a good job is very, very difficult, the same problem also revolves around our medical industry. The user experience has been a problem we explore and pursue, especially in my plastic surgery industry, the user experience is very strong desire. Today we’ll come to the 6 basic elements necessary to talk about the medical marketing website user experience:

1, make the product useful read more

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Independent brand personality Try five sense marketing experience

if you dig deep, it is not difficult to find in these brands exist in the designer (especially the design thinking) help — I want a natural proposition about the design of a single, is how to get rid of the logic of language, through our perception, experience more information, to help the brand to form the rich connotation of the consumer cognition.

reminds me of the original research that is under the pen of the hostel, may also be a senior hotel in front of the door with different size, smooth and rounded pebbles to pave the way, people can not help but want to take off shoes and socks on the past…… read more

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Said the next line of the store in decline, why he can shop 1100 years, revenue of 5 billion in the

is the name of the product excellence in less than two years, the global open 1100 stores this year, revenue is expected to Paul at the end of 5 billion, sprint 6 billion; plans to 2020 6000 shop, half of them in overseas sales break 60 billion. Said the line in the store decline, it is how to do it?

a, online in BAT, line in my hand

weekend, I am in Xuanwumen SOGO witnessed a strange scene: at the door, several uncle aunt at the cosmetics counter in front of the hall zestfully shuttlecock, and store customers a new phrase absolutely empty! Immediately jumped out of doors: shuttlecock. read more

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Educational record EQtainment $5 million Angel round of financing

how to compete with robots and artificial intelligence in the future, according to EQtainment, a start-up for children’s development, human beings can only win by emotional intelligence and social skills.

EQtainment from California beach in Manhattan, the company recently announced that it has received $5 million from angel investors at the angel round of financing, to further develop and launch a variety of products, including music, toys and games, to teach children some social and emotional management skills. read more

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Local website promotion methods should be combined with money

every day I browse the webmaster online posts, but also because of their local industry website, so every relevant local website posts will point to open to see, see more, think big guy said the truth is almost, after the trial, the effect is not very good, hard to make money or promotion, two the vast.

I read a lot about local website promotion experience, today also ventured to share with you some of their establishment and promotion experience, theoretical things I did not say, I will have my own combat and we exchange, the way to attract local website owners together to exchange. But it is not to say, I summarized my promotion is divided into two blocks: read more

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Effective SNS promotion strategy

SNS that social networking services, can be said to be second only to micro-blog. So popular, so more and more people in the above release some promotional information. People who like to play the social network will find a lot of people who do not know you, and every day to release some advertising information, people are very disgusted. So, how do we do SNS promotion does not make people feel disgusted? We divide it into three.

a, account strategy

since you want to do promotion on the site, then you need to register an account, if we want to promote the company’s brand is the best real name system. If it is simply to promote the words can be used beauty strategy. Because the success of SNS promotion is largely determined by the number of friends, beauty is more attractive, many people like to focus on beauty. Many SNS promoters on the use of beauty strategy. We should pay attention to the following points when registering the account: read more

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What should we do before the birth of the web site

personally think that as a webmaster, do anything, any website should have a development plan. Online site, can not represent what. Just like a child just born, then we have to give him the environment to grow, to train him to grow, to his growth. The site is also on the same line, we want to let him deeply rooted in the hearts of people, it is for us to create value, so that it is a successful website.

1: first of all, your site to let more people know, let others visit it, understand it. Then your site must be clear at a glance, the structure is clear, the site does not gorgeous, so simple and clear. Of course, these are the basic factors of the site itself. read more

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The latest navigation mark of Enterprise Station — SEO optimization

hundreds of millions of websites, how to allow users to find the first time you trace, click, browse, reach a deal. This is now more attention to another enterprise marketing model – site SEO optimization.

to the country’s largest search engine business, for example, their price is not cheap to promote the price, for small and medium enterprises, the cost is considerable. However, in order to get the user’s attention, the ranking of the site must first enter the user, a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises at the station will be turned to the SEO optimization, they found the website optimization more cost-effective, but also relative to the promotion of advertising, website optimization on the stability of white hat technology is relatively high. read more

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Philip five kinds of promotion methods about medical industry website


says health care reform since so many people look down on disease, but so many private hospitals has been greatly developed, which gives the medical industry site development opportunities, especially the development of the Internet, more and more people to participate in the network of life, many people have what unwell symptom will search on the Internet, a simple to understand, so the network to bring all of the information is subject to various sectors concerned, the medical industry is so read more

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Marketing means spicy do not try fancy marketing

Internet, science and technology continues to develop, a brand to be invincible, not easily followed by the people to catch up and beat it must have their own marketing strategy. The marketing strategy too observant of conventional standards. is certainly useful, but occasionally to try a fancy marketing


a phenomenal marketing event, favorable factors are indispensable, but careful observation you will find that they consciously or unconsciously follow the same rules, have figured out the mass psychology and the flow of emotion. read more

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Ogilvy PR strategy director Zhou Chen fight no war marketing strategy


notes, please think:

What are the three most important elements of

‘s marketing strategy?

why don’t you stress your major?

what is strategic thinking?

what are the importance of the strategic positioning of

company?What is the nature of



Hello everyone, today I bring to the entrepreneurial team is a gift of three observations and recommendations.

first, the strategy for the first, guard against positioning method trap

There is a military term

its official website: no policy omitted no thought, no design strategy without that application. Use this sentence to emphasize the importance of strategy, very appropriate. read more

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Chinese e-commerce consumer psychology

Electronic Commerce (Electronic Commerce) in a word, Chinese with Alibaba, Taobao gradually emerge in front of people, online trading has become a kind of fashion, with the seller, the buyer has increased, people began to pay attention to electronic business, understand the network trade in net so many people, so something. This article combines the e-commerce model with Chinese characteristics, and share with you some of the consumer psychology, and hope to play a role in the future practice.

I am a very love shopping on Taobao, big and small things have also bought many, also learned a lot of business experience, the social reality of me is a little bargain, don’t often go to the store to buy things, but in the network, but I love "hanging out", and love with others "hanging out" in reality, if you see something, I usually is not better than three, generally take immediately with the way of shopping, and online, I will contrast often do, this is an example of e-commerce consumer psychology is the same as that of the life of consumer psychology has different point, we to a simple analysis of the causes of the difference. read more

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The heart of the disaster area the record of my first donation

statement: This article was written in 14 days.

to 2 in the afternoon, I looked at CCTV, was moved many times. Many tears. I decided to donate.

house under a ICBC, I went to the bank to deposit 50 yuan. And then use the U shield to my bank card. And then through the donation of QQ to join the donation.

I read the Sina donation above statistics, 500 yuan can help the victims through a month after the danger of survival. But I can’t read the account. Contributions from the QQ donation page. read more

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Daily topic the first half of the number of sites to buy a substantial reduction in site survival ra

A5 ( station network August 1st news recently, group purchase navigation site mission 800 days before the release of "Chinese group purchase market statistics report", according to statistics, Chinese group purchase website the first half of the actual turnover of 29 billion 430 million yuan this year, once the group purchase market is like a raging fire fighting through several fields, the survival rate of only 3.5% sites.

group 800 report pointed out that the number of group buying sites in the sale of a single group reached a period of 1 million 180 thousand, an increase of 26%, an increase of 196%. So far, the first half of this year to buy a total turnover reached 29 billion 430 million yuan, although once again hit the best half of the year, but still did not reach the target of the first half of the year is expected to reach $31 billion 510 million. read more

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Small businesses launched the 18 wave of attacks Taobao big merchant said fear can not stand

Taobao said it would never compromise big merchants said fear support not go down

Xu Jieyun

Taobao mall attack triggered by the new deal is still ongoing, and the strategy has been renovated, which, Taobao mall expressed uncompromising uncompromising attitude, which further angered the attacker. 12 evening, the crowd gathered in the YY voice chat channel has more than 30 thousand, and by the end of yesterday afternoon and broke through the 50 thousand.

they even built a set of functional departments of architecture, including the Propaganda Department, at the press conference and planning department, executive department, Department, and "explosion deal" and executive meeting room. read more

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The Internet giant melee gezonglianheng and chance

March 27th news, 2016 IT leaders summit held in Shenzhen on 27.

summit’s first high-end dialogue theme for IT innovation and sharing of the economy, the host is the digital China Federation Chairman Wu Ying. Dialogue: Baidu Inc founder, chairman and CEO of Tencent Inc Robin Li, chairman of the board and chief executive officer Ma Huateng, Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing, founder and chairman, LETV LETV holdings CEO Jia Yueting.


Wu Ying provoked great debate, the guests he asked: "suppose, Jia Yueting and Yang Yuanqing, Robin Li and Ma Huateng to challenge, behind the development of enterprises, both of you talk about, if you guys work, alone is not better than the two of you?" in the enterprise forum data exchange, also on the current very popular market problems are discussed. read more

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Copycat version of fame Chinese for government support

domestic cottage anti-corruption website 5 days with paralysis interview with the server in India, I bribe the site has been supported by the government website

at the beginning of June, India, a company called "I bribe" website accidentally jump red. This is a website founded by two returnees in India, specializing in a variety of bribery stories. About more than 10 thousand cases of corruption are now recorded on the site, more than 100 thousand replies and comments. The website for a time "in the limelight". Even the India Karnataka transport minister became the site of the fans". read more

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