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Why portal layout of the real estate market competition network

real estate network market situation gradually

February 25th, Sina in Beijing

announced the spin off of its real estate and Home Furnishing channel, and real estate service provider E-House China jointly established by Sina holdings joint venture. According to the agreement, the new company will be responsible for the management of real estate and Sina Home Furnishing channel, and China Yi through its own CRIC information system, to provide professional real estate information data and network product related to joint venture operations and joint ventures with the development of the new income model. read more

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Master said SNS where is the way out, SNS should be how to do

with Comsenz UCHOME open source, now Chinese Internet SNS is blossom everywhere. However, many expert analysis, it seems that SNS can not find a profit point. At least I contact a lot of Internet friends are not optimistic about the way out of SNS. So with a purpose to do an analysis on the SNS website, only statements of a school.

1, SNS is what

noun I will not explain, do not understand ask Baidu, or GOOGLE. Personally, I think SNS is a member system. His meaning is similar to the user information in the development of the program, who has more user information, then the more the website of the force. Comsenz via a UCENTER compatible with all his program, the ideal and the idea is really great. Pulled a little, and then come back. read more

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dwhpsbmc also trapped saliva battle cross-border electricity supplier survival problems highlighted

each reporter Zhang Sifa from Beijing

wave is not flat, wave again.

only under the flag of suspected of smuggling and selling has not yet subsided, April 17th, senior vice president Liu Huipu micro-blog "cannon", the United States suspected of selling fake copy overseas purchase page, including product introduction, copy details, model head and brand licensing documents, and showed the United States and South Korea signed the exclusive license contract. Feng Feng, vice president of, said in response to the problem of the page, the page is not designed to provide supplier audit is not strictly caused, but the product is genuine. read more

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Zhou Hongyi a new generation of entrepreneurs have their own master

will give young entrepreneurs advice, I can give too much, but I think the most important thing is that every young entrepreneurs should find their own master, in spirit, in the business can really help you, because no matter how the nature of this industry, no business change, business model has not changed, the corporate governance has not changed, I think these old guys are experienced. Young entrepreneurs to self breakthrough and self growth, but this growth can not rely on their own to realize, it is too slow, can not rely on stumble, because in the event of a somersault fall not, perhaps you could not climb up. read more

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To express low SF hit reconstruction pattern at the Taobao distribution business

has always adhere to the high-end positioning of the SF, finally reach the "civilian" Taobao seller distribution. Reporters learned yesterday, SF EXPRESS will launch low-cost services for Taobao sellers tomorrow, four". The new service for remote distribution, much lower than the traditional price system SF EXPRESS. This is the main industry heavyweights down one of four main battlefield of Taobao seller, will accelerate the formation of a new pattern of express.

The price of read more

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.CN domain name development road in where

although I entered the market time is not long, only a short period of time, 5 months as a rookie, talk about my personal idea:

after several years of baptism, China has entered the era of network economy, but now, many people still remain in the initial stage of the domain name speculation.

if the image of the domain name industry is like real estate. Before land speculation speculators, as we now cybersquatting.

domain name registration is a land site team is taking; construction company; website operation is the property company; upgrading development site features like the decoration company website; transfer to find sales company, looking for rental rental companies, only the relevant industry integration and development, will present vitality. read more

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Electricity providers need to change the mode of personnel training

July 23rd, the 2012 China e-commerce talent survey report released for the first time. According to the survey, 18.18% of the enterprises need the electricity supplier operations personnel, 20.45% of the enterprises need technical personnel (IT, 13.64%, art) of the enterprises need to promote sales personnel, 4.55% of the enterprises need supply chain management personnel 4.55%, and all kinds of talents are lack of enterprises accounted for 43.18%. Thus electricity supplier talent gap, but whether it is the electricity supplier talent gap as reported, in fact, right now, many want to become the electricity supplier in the field of talent is no corresponding opportunity, and a recent report said, now the electricity supplier companies in high-end talent surplus, this and this electric field showing the decline of. Every year, a large number of college graduates in the electricity supplier business professional, see a data to know. Since 2000, the Ministry of education has approved 339 undergraduate colleges and more than and 650 vocational colleges set up professional e-commerce, there are about more than 80 thousand graduates each year, so for so many years of accumulated electricity supplier talent in the end people where to go, actually a lot of business graduate students there is a situation of "this kind of high low ability." in fact, higher education system and old theory knowledge can’t adapt to business development needs, the school curriculum teacher are some management and technical people to serve as teachers, this can bring out what type of business enterprise personnel, this kind of how many people adapt to the needs of enterprises, as can be imagined, finally students are the other investment and other areas, according to the financial industry I know is a lot of people go to the above example is on the one hand. Thus, the electricity supplier personnel training model in urgent need of change. read more

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Maximum straight down 200 yuan! Mobile Games artifact swept the glory glory X2 special purchases for

snow, frozen can not stop the footsteps of the new spring, not ablation of happy atmosphere, Spring Festival is approaching, in order to serve the new and old customers trust and support over the past year, started the battle of glory, January 18th -1 month 20 days every three hours (10:08, 16:00, 20:00, 20:00) for three days in late January 21st, four night Carnival struck a comprehensive promotion. During the event, the glory of the whole line of product sales, which, the glory of the family’s star class products – glory X2, will also appear in the new year carnival. During the event, the glory of X2 will bring consumers heavy huge benefits, the highest straight down 200 yuan, unprecedented. read more

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Ali has been secretly invested that has not been listed on the valuation of $600 million wonderful e

Abstract: Alibaba has secretly invested in the United States in recent years, the most ambitious wonderful electricity supplier startups Jet. When it comes to ambition, because it’s operating mode; when it comes to wonderful, because the product has not come out, Jet financing has been to B round valuation to $600 million.

on Friday, to participate in a private dinner to get a friend has not yet announced the news: Alibaba has secretly invested in recent years, the United States of America’s most ambitious electricity supplier startups Jet. When it comes to ambition, because of its operation mode; said wonderful, because the product is not out, Jet financing has to B round of valuation to $600 million, even from the advertising point of view, Jet is the current global electricity supplier industry’s top website. However, I did not find the information from the Crunchbase, taking into account the Crunchbase often delayed and inaccurate, this news case is true. In addition, in view of the Jet so mysterious, these two days I was about a few related industry chain downstream, the following is my interview to obtain information for reference only: read more

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Accurately positioning the feelings of e-commerce Zhuang Zhuang in the speech after the Association

as a freshman in e-commerce, I am at a loss. Many beginners for the concept of e-commerce fuzzy, positioning is not allowed. I am also, what is electronic commerce? From the moment I received the admission notice (I am a professional obedience swap), I kept searching on google. The Jinan website for electronic commerce course arrangement is as follows: the principle of management, economics, marketing, probability and mathematical statistics, the principle and design of database, computer network, international trade, information system development and management, logistics management, network marketing, e-commerce information security and management, construction and management the electronic commerce system of electronic business law, business english. read more

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Observation Video Site market chaos unclear


Youtube can not let the domestic video site colleagues feel excited, homogenization serious, fuzzy profit model, as well as laws and regulations are not perfect, still haunt them.

"the current domestic video website and web server is dead, video input is much larger than the general site, once
  and the server costs have soared, but revenue growth is difficult to support, in the short term is difficult to have a China Youtube talent shows itself." A video website official pointed out that the existing video site two sources of income have problems: one is to charge fees, you will have people free of charge; two is advertising, but there are legal issues such as intellectual property, big brands to advertise very carefully, but most people still did not know the network video ads. read more

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Partnership open shop is feasible to analyze the good and bad

this year, a total of three people looking for me, hope I can open the shop to make money, but I have been refused.

is the first person I find high school classmates, he bought a three bedroom house in Guangdong Zhongshan mortgage, he meant that if I had it, can provide lodging place, and there is a room can be used to do the warehouse. Supply from the local wholesale, Zhongshan is a clothing production base, so do not worry about this. He has said that at this age if it does not come out of business, there is no chance. Unfortunately, my thoughts and was not the same, I don’t have a spirit of adventure, do Taobao if no successful Chengren attitude is not good, not to mention his determination to succeed is not obvious. Sure enough, under my guidance, his bazaar shop in a short period of half a month time, but also to create nearly a hundred pieces of sales, and all this is done by way of a loss of promotion and package mail. Then no news of him, should be estimated to find a job shop work, it also did not mention. read more

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Huang Taiji announced the completion of the B round of 180 million yuan financing

[Abstract] after the current round of financing, Huang Taiji valuation of nearly $250 million.


technology news (Xiang Xin) October 9th news, boutique takeaway sharing platform Huang Taiji officially announced the completion of the 180 million yuan B round of financing, the current round of investment by the spectacular wanglian, family, fund investor Chen Kunliang Wu Zhuomin lead investor, A round investors with investment, capital investment as the exclusive financial advisor to the investment bank financing. Valuation of nearly $250 million after the current round of financing. Tencent technology can not confirm the authenticity of this round of financing amount. read more

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Zhu Zerong teacher soft knowledge lectures – after-school answers

1, the classification of soft, a variety of different methods, I need to refer to the basis of the writing method, divided into more than and 20 kinds, that is to say, there are more than and 20 kinds of writing templates, you can directly learn.

Q: do flow soft and SEO which is more important, do stand is diligent writing, hype or rely on the powerful SEO?

answer: for example: news soft Wen, event soft Wen, point of view soft, soft text, etc.. Like to learn calligraphy copy as eager to learn, write text, also can have model can refer to, fast learning. read more

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Firefly following the mouse

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document.tooltip2.visibility=&qu; read more

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Listen to so many expert case sharing, why you still do not operate

as the operation often meow, in each big website, WeChat group to absorb the "dry cargo" is an essential process, every day in addition to find material, bubble in this time is the most.

but we listened to so many "expert", sharing the case, but the right way, they still do not operate in the course of time they do not know how to break their own. Why is this the case?

on the network, the platform to share the knowledge of operations in addition to a variety of public numbers, as well as everyone is a product manager, college, etc.. Most of them are like this: 4 great ways to teach you how to do a good job of product design, the most professional user research and demand analysis methods… If the operation is so simple, then this occupation and sweep the street. read more

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Micro business doomsday has come, how to meet the new tomorrow

in front of the two article, he spoke about personal WeChat how to use WeChat to do marketing thoughts, this article today, will rise to a high degree, the main position is to look at how well the derivative station on a more long-term perspective.

before starting to talk today I speak a little bit of dry cargo, the first few days on this hot lending treasure things.

feelings about the loan treasure

I think that most people already know how a situation is, therefore, details of the loan treasure will not dwell on, directly talk about my feelings. read more

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Marketing case buy change life

group purchase website set since a few years ago, a short period of time, group purchase has changed a lot of people’s consumption habits. A period of time even when people meet when greeting greetings from "eat it" to "do you group". Many people have the habit of every day on the network group purchase group purchase, and then their relatives and friends together to enjoy the delicious food delicacy…… Group buying is really changing the habits of some people. read more

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On the promotion of insurance industry website

said the industry website, as we all know, is a kind of popular website that within two years, many webmaster friends to start their own business website, today to give you exchange is to promote the industry website, of course I am to the insurance industry as an example.


website promotion, we are also very familiar, easy to build can speak a lot of common promotion measures, but for the single industry is different. For example, I said the insurance industry, this industry is the biggest feature of the site is competitive, high threshold. This kind of website is not to say that everyone can do, of course, if you only for personal hobby, that is ok. Insurance in real life, we all know, often encounter some of the street selling insurance salesman, we all know that this is not a good job, if the insurance industry potential in electronic business, it has some twist as boundless as the sea and sky, sales and operations of the confusion. read more

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3D printing platform monkey network was ten million financing See community financing millions of do

lead: See is a main commercial picture ", focusing on the fashion business community clothing category.

1.3D printing enterprise magic monkey network access to millions of levels of A round of financing

3D printing company magic monkey network today announced the acquisition of ten million yuan level A round of financing, investors from the Indus indus.

magic monkey belong to Beijing eSpeed Puri Technology Co. Ltd., 3D printing is the cloud platform for the general public, officially launched in September 2014. According to the user’s needs, network magic monkey can quickly complete the product design through the magic monkey professional designers Crowdsourcing help users, and through the magic monkey fast 3D print, the idea can become a reality, including consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive, construction, machinery, medical, Studio Entertainment, COSPLAY and other industries to provide complete set 3D printing solutions. read more

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