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Huang Taiji announced the completion of the B round of 180 million yuan financing

[Abstract] after the current round of financing, Huang Taiji valuation of nearly $250 million.


technology news (Xiang Xin) October 9th news, boutique takeaway sharing platform Huang Taiji officially announced the completion of the 180 million yuan B round of financing, the current round of investment by the spectacular wanglian, family, fund investor Chen Kunliang Wu Zhuomin lead investor, A round investors with investment, capital investment as the exclusive financial advisor to the investment bank financing. Valuation of nearly $250 million after the current round of financing. Tencent technology can not confirm the authenticity of this round of financing amount. read more

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Zhu Zerong teacher soft knowledge lectures – after-school answers

1, the classification of soft, a variety of different methods, I need to refer to the basis of the writing method, divided into more than and 20 kinds, that is to say, there are more than and 20 kinds of writing templates, you can directly learn.

Q: do flow soft and SEO which is more important, do stand is diligent writing, hype or rely on the powerful SEO?

answer: for example: news soft Wen, event soft Wen, point of view soft, soft text, etc.. Like to learn calligraphy copy as eager to learn, write text, also can have model can refer to, fast learning. read more

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Firefly following the mouse

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document.tooltip2.visibility=&qu; read more

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Listen to so many expert case sharing, why you still do not operate

as the operation often meow, in each big website, WeChat group to absorb the "dry cargo" is an essential process, every day in addition to find material, bubble in this time is the most.

but we listened to so many "expert", sharing the case, but the right way, they still do not operate in the course of time they do not know how to break their own. Why is this the case?

on the network, the platform to share the knowledge of operations in addition to a variety of public numbers, as well as everyone is a product manager, college, etc.. Most of them are like this: 4 great ways to teach you how to do a good job of product design, the most professional user research and demand analysis methods… If the operation is so simple, then this occupation and sweep the street. read more

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Micro business doomsday has come, how to meet the new tomorrow

in front of the two article, he spoke about personal WeChat how to use WeChat to do marketing thoughts, this article today, will rise to a high degree, the main position is to look at how well the derivative station on a more long-term perspective.

before starting to talk today I speak a little bit of dry cargo, the first few days on this hot lending treasure things.

feelings about the loan treasure

I think that most people already know how a situation is, therefore, details of the loan treasure will not dwell on, directly talk about my feelings. read more

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Marketing case buy change life

group purchase website set since a few years ago, a short period of time, group purchase has changed a lot of people’s consumption habits. A period of time even when people meet when greeting greetings from "eat it" to "do you group". Many people have the habit of every day on the network group purchase group purchase, and then their relatives and friends together to enjoy the delicious food delicacy…… Group buying is really changing the habits of some people. read more

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On the promotion of insurance industry website

said the industry website, as we all know, is a kind of popular website that within two years, many webmaster friends to start their own business website, today to give you exchange is to promote the industry website, of course I am to the insurance industry as an example.


website promotion, we are also very familiar, easy to build can speak a lot of common promotion measures, but for the single industry is different. For example, I said the insurance industry, this industry is the biggest feature of the site is competitive, high threshold. This kind of website is not to say that everyone can do, of course, if you only for personal hobby, that is ok. Insurance in real life, we all know, often encounter some of the street selling insurance salesman, we all know that this is not a good job, if the insurance industry potential in electronic business, it has some twist as boundless as the sea and sky, sales and operations of the confusion. read more

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3D printing platform monkey network was ten million financing See community financing millions of do

lead: See is a main commercial picture ", focusing on the fashion business community clothing category.

1.3D printing enterprise magic monkey network access to millions of levels of A round of financing

3D printing company magic monkey network today announced the acquisition of ten million yuan level A round of financing, investors from the Indus indus.

magic monkey belong to Beijing eSpeed Puri Technology Co. Ltd., 3D printing is the cloud platform for the general public, officially launched in September 2014. According to the user’s needs, network magic monkey can quickly complete the product design through the magic monkey professional designers Crowdsourcing help users, and through the magic monkey fast 3D print, the idea can become a reality, including consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive, construction, machinery, medical, Studio Entertainment, COSPLAY and other industries to provide complete set 3D printing solutions. read more

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How to carry out video marketing in car rental industry

video marketing has been regarded as a long history, from TV advertising to online video is video marketing, the most simple form is in the video as a carrier of advertising, these ads through direct video screen in the form of publicity to the products or services of the enterprise, there is a class of video advertising is through video content and creative fun to spread the brand, so today we talk about the car rental industry how to better carry out video marketing.

first: car rental industry video marketing advertising how to make read more

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The analysis of network marketing case funny video marketing Chevrolet

see a Chevroler new car is how the video marketing, how to make you a product’s abdominals? How to add some funny, curious elements in the video advertising, quickly attract audience attention and discussion? Please look at the United Network ( to bring you the network video marketing case.


cars because on the roadside parking, was soon a yellow repair car rear wheel. The driver of the black woman driver was very unhappy, and the truck driver had an argument. Short after the quarrel, black young woman and then get on the bus, without demur launched vehicle, with the front wheel drive, unexpectedly towed the rescue trailer. The trailer driver obviously did not expect, chasing behind shouting. read more

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Southern investment won small coffee 100 million yuan investment valuation over five times up to 1 b

Abstract: it is understood that the next 3~5 years, southern investment will continue to build a new super 2~3 IP ecosystem. Less than a year, the investment has been completed by the Southern music as millet, Shun Investment A round and A+ round of angel investment of nearly 100 million yuan.

investment community news January 18th, November last year holding Miller game company, southern investment came the latest news. In a A+ round of financing, it was a minor investment of 100 million yuan financing, valuation over 5 times up to 1 billion 500 million yuan. read more

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The first phase of the Anhui webmaster lecture figure Wang talk about the site to promote practical

Anhui Internet Alliance ( organization of the first phase of the Anhui special topic has been successfully concluded today 14:30. The keynote theme: website promotion skills Speaker: Admin5 graph king, in the lectures, group number: 47065533, in just 1 hours to full time, we can see the webmaster to figure Wang boss’s approval and support, I am very surprised and admire.

figure boss Wang was also invited to the 14:30 sub delivered a wonderful speech to get a wide range of participation in the webmaster’s praise, the following is the full text of this lecture, please be interested in the webmaster review. We also conducted a full text live in Anhui station SNS: Uid=1& do=blog& id=9823 read more

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Network marketing to the new network marketing advice

every day after work training network marketing knowledge, to more than two months today. To tell the truth is really learned something. And I personally think that there is a qualitative improvement for me. I can feel it. Through the two months of learning, the understanding of network marketing is closer to the essence. Opened my mind. These are the benefits of learning in the last two months. Below I am ready to summarize the two months of learning experience from the following aspects of

three read more

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When the beverage bottle has begun marketing creative content who is superior

bottle on how to engage in creative? Don’t think? Ha ha ha ha, I have a way! It’s time to learn these old brother! Try to change the method, content marketing! Simple words, let you play the beverage bottle to creative.

bottle body how to engage in creative thinking about how to change the packaging to solve the problem?

these methods are weak burst, it is time to learn these big brother! Try the content marketing.

white bottle Wei Chuan

" will warm to the end "

remember this time as the new darling of sun circle of friends? It is the white bottle Wei chuan. read more

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Seeking marketing Jobs tells us what is the highest level of marketing

original title: when we are struggling to find a marketing approach, Jobs tells us what is the highest level of marketing, if you want to become a Jobs to do these ten points

[editor’s note]

IT Time, we are struggling to find at the time of marketing, Jobs told us what is the highest level of marketing, then Joe closer is how to do marketing? He gave us the Enlightenment: 1, find a good mentor; 2, creating a great product; 3, stick to their beliefs; 4, willing to spend money; 5, to create an excellent experience; 6, to keep a secret, create a sense of mystery; 7, to find an opponent; 8, the fans become preachers; 9, do not talk too much; 10, the use of images, not words. read more

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Most dare to spend money to buy the domain name of the Chinese people! National husband Wang Sicong

renamed Chinese ( September 2nd news, recently, Wanda son Wang Sicong to help dad "righting" rumors, Ho throw 60 million acquisition of the domain name news spread like wildfire. Has been to "cynical" image of Wang Sicong, the battle for the father, has won the heavyweight domain, people from all walks of life to sit up and take notice. The double only refresh the domestic terminal acquisition of domain name new height, price is more than words, the Jingdong domain name domain name read more

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Li Xiang, founder of the car why don’t I fry

[Abstract] science and technology daily quality Tencent from media articles, as you read the news today, the pulse of industry trends.

Li Xiang / text

as I said micro-blog, I am not even a A account account (the U.S. stock account must have, because the company listed on the stock holders who have to open an account).

since I do not fry A shares, and even suggested that the founders of their own investment companies do not fry, why I am also particularly concerned about A shares?.

first, the two level market related to the primary market read more

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Vigilance pornographic door, to the head of the blow

, a full set of pornographic pictures, Edison Chan A Jiao, Cecilia Cheung’s marriage…… Key words such as the emergence of a new tide in the garbage station, many webmaster from this event to get a lot of money flow.

For example,

overnight Baidu Post Bar A Jiao bar bar owners, high MM, by human flesh search to complete data, relentless ridicule.

skyline has appeared with the shortest time, click break 10 million, reply to break the door to discuss the 100 thousand pornographic posts. read more

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IBM revenue continued to decline but the blue giant to prove his non old

IBM today announced the 2016 fiscal first quarter earnings, IBM reported a first quarter revenue of $18 billion 684 million, fell 5%, net profit of $2 billion 14 million, down 13%. IBM quarter revenue has declined for sixteenth consecutive quarters, struggling in the mire for transformation of the blue giant is not good-looking, and hold IBM stock the largest single shareholder Buffett had also said Berkshire caused losses to buy shares in IBM a lot, as the past tens of year one of the most successful technology companies, IBM can restore the confidence of investors and markets read more

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Supplementary provisions of the video site will soon be introduced

for potatoes, Youku such favored by users of video sites, yesterday may be a watershed. According to the introduction of the end "provisions on the administration of Internet audio-visual program service" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), these provide video services without background in state-owned commercial websites has been in the "grey zone illegal".

, however, Internet commentators Liu Xingliang said yesterday, the State Administration of radio, the relevant provisions of the forthcoming introduction, perhaps to bring these video sites. read more

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