Morocco Welcomes UNSC Resolution on Renewal of MINURSOs Mandate


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Rabat – Morocco welcomed on Tuesday the unanimous adoption, by the UN Security Council, of the resolution on the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.Through this resolution, the Security Council “strongly and unambiguously confirms its recent approach vis-à-vis the issue,” said a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.According to the statement, the Council members “reiterated their support for the current process which aims to reach a solution, and have clearly distanced themselves from the dangerous recommendations, provocative insinuations, biased approaches and dangerous options contained in the latest report by the Secretariat General of the United Nations.” The statement recalled that King Mohammed VI stressed at a telephone conversation with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon “the need to preserve the negotiation parameters as defined by the Security Council, and to uphold the existing framework and procedures of the UN involvement.”At the political front, the resolution of the Security Council “preserves the resolution framework and parameters led by the United Nations to put an end to this regional dispute,” the statement said.The Security Council emphasizes “the centrality of negotiation as the only way to solve this dispute,” reiterates “the preeminence of the Moroccan autonomy initiative which was hailed as “serious and credible”, and calls for negotiations on the basis of “realism and a spirit of compromise” to reach a final political solution to this regional dispute, the ministry said.The resolution of the Security Council stressed, mainly on “the regional dimension of the dispute and the called Algeria to take full responsibility on three levels: First, to invest, directly and constructively, in the process of finding a political solution,” as it urges the country, once more, “to fully cooperate with the United Nations and with the other parties, and engage more decisively to end the current impasse and achieve progress towards a political solution,” the statement said.As for Algeria’s responsibility vis-à-vis “the unprecedented human and humanitarian situation in the camps of Tindouf,” the resolution calls, once more, for “conducting a census of the refugees in the Tindouf camps and encourages making concrete efforts in this regard.”Algeria is also called upon to strengthen regional cooperation, since the Council has recognized, once again, that “a political solution to this long-standing dispute and strengthening cooperation between the member states of the Arab Maghreb Union contribute to stability and security in the Sahel region,” the same source said.The statement said the resolution highlights the actions of Morocco in the consolidation of the promotion and protection of human rights, while welcoming the  “measures and initiatives taken recently by Morocco to strengthen CNDH Commissions in Dakhla and Laayoune, and the current interaction of the Kingdom with the special procedures of the Human Rights Council.”According to the Moroccan Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Security Council “confirms the relevance of the approach pursued by the Kingdom in the framework of its national reform process throughout its territory, including in the southern provinces.” This approach, the statement added, is “based both on strengthening national human rights institutions and the positive interaction with the UN special procedures, in accordance with its obligations under international agreements which the Kingdom is a party to.”“It is in this specific context and on this basis that Morocco will continue to cooperate and engage in the UN-led process to achieve a lasting political solution to this regional dispute, within Moroccan sovereignty,” the statement said.The statement recalled that as King Mohammed VI told the Secretary General of the UN, ”any attempt to redefine the nature of this regional dispute that violates the parameters of a political solution and undermines the whole process, is unacceptable for Morocco. Any review of the mandate of the MINURSO, would seriously jeopardize the process of negotiation.”

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