UNled Libya Peace Talks Resume in Morocco


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Rabat – The UN-backed peace talks between Libya’s rival factions resumed in Skhirate near Rabat with the aim to reach a comprehensive political agreement to the crisis in the north African country.The parties to the Libyan conflict have paused the negotiations for consultation in preparation for a more “decisive” phase of the UN-led talks in Skhirate.The talks agenda include security arrangement, ceasefire and the formation of a government of national unity. Last Thursday and Friday, UN envoy Bernardino Leon held  several meetings with the faction representatives at the end of which he announced the postponement of negotiations.The UN envoy recognizes that the situation on the ground is increasingly deteriorating at the political, security, economy and financial level.The same view is shared by participating delegations who stress the need for reaching an agreement that will result in the formation of a national unity government to create conditions propitious for peace and security in Libya.

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