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SMO, many people still don’t know how to estimate, SMO is actually Senior Medical Officer these three initials, which is also called to optimize the release site information through social media, so as to bring high quality traffic to your site, because SMO is the biggest benefit to information release the optimization of the social media through the network are free, but the price paid is the only free time, so compared to the ganji贵族宝贝 media promotion, lower cost, the effect is also good

but a lot of people think that time is the most precious, time is money, so we only save money in efforts, we should also work hard in the efficiency per unit time, try to use the shortest time to create the maximum value, then make your own website published information can let other people attention as soon as possible more important, when it really SMO viral video marketing, we must first take the time familiar with the major social media platform, and let yourself in these platforms have a certain visibility, light to go diving is not enough, to take the initiative to communicate with others, it will slowly improve myself in the relevant platform visibility, here we come to the three operation methods to introduce SMO tools to everyone, hope to the webmaster friends help!

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< channel >

, other sites may contain calls to RSS Feed information, then these data are written in standard XML format, so it will not be restricted, it can also be used in the terminal and other services, such as mobile phone wait, easier to let yourself the content spread widely! Here we have to introduce the document structure of typical RSS file:

is this mode of transmission is very popular in foreign countries, now the domestic personal blog site, and world-class enterprise portal to provide RSS services, you can see the use of communication method among them! In fact many communication often lies in the details of the treatment of >!

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What is the

RSS source is actually a format description and synchronization of website content, is the most widely used XML, RSS technology to build a platform to help every website users can become a potential provider of information, so it is easy to let the website information can spread more rapidly in the

!We released a RSS file

: RSS source

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