How to choose the optimal virtual host to Shanghai Dragon


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many people said that the first web space, is better than speed, this is what most people than space according to the quality, in fact, although the speed is very important, but more stability should be protected, if a site often isn’t open, downtime, then, next time will not have visitors your website, not only affects the search engine rankings, it will affect the user experience of the website, the fierce competition in the market of the virtual host, the host’s performance continues to improve, "both" is not. The United States wants to HostEase virtual host not only speed is the best in our country, and it has a quad core Xeon server, providing 99.9% online time guarantee, and now HostEase Chinese website 贵族宝贝cn.hostease贵族宝贝 also launched a new Windows host, the host user to a greater extent satisfy the domestic demand.

independent IP virtual host

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Shanghai dragon

has the independent IP virtual host is more conducive to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, an independent IP corresponds to only one site, will not only make the site look more professional, and the website search engine on the professional are very friendly, the weight is also high. In addition, website security has independent IP virtual host more from other search engine punishment sites implicated. Therefore, when choosing the virtual host, the host should also look at whether to provide independent IP, the virtual host IXwebhosting will launch a variety of packages in the host Chinese website 贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝, free multiple independent IP, very good.

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in the choice to host the Shanghai Phoenix optimization but also pay attention to selection of service providers is famous, such as HostEase, IXwebhosting etc., are relatively well-known service providers. The other said that the choice of their products, at least there is security, after all, has many years of development history, in terms of products or services to improve the experience, are more abundant. The question can be solved.

website optimization, website space and domain plays a vital role in the webmaster to choose carefully. If Shanghai Longfeng relating to the site operation success or failure, the quality of the virtual host space is directly related to the effect of optimization of Shanghai dragon. Select the virtual host, not only look at the price, to see whether they contribute to the optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon. Many webmaster has not chosen the host station, after a lot of problems, or even directly lead to the normal operation of the website. How to select the virtual host for a high quality and benefit of the Shanghai dragon

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