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May 2015, Ant King clothes >

Figure note: equity congregation raised platform on-line year distribution map

below, small series will be introduced in 2015 the most popular three public chips platform.

misconception 2: thinking is everything,

platform to raise public equity investors immaturity is also reflected in the valuation of project selection, general platform project valuation is lower, more investors will raise public participation, raise the success rate is higher, for similar companies, most investors will choose a lower valuation of the project. The herd to raise the success rate of the project, the platform to raise public equity strength disparity is very big, some small raised platform set up nearly a year, almost no successful project to raise the public, but to raise the platform in the first echelon of the industry, all the chips are more than 90% success rate, such as angel sinks, Beijing East and 36 kryptonite. 36 krypton equity to raise the success rate of 97%, the Jingdong owner did not even raise the failure of the project.

recently, Zero2IPO Research Center released the "2016 Chinese raise public equity market research report", the report shows that as of the end of 2015, the number of Chinese equity raised platform has 141, the cumulative success to raise public projects amounted to 2338, the cumulative success of the public to raise the amount of nearly billion yuan in 2015, the success of the public to raise the amount of 4 billion 374 million yuan the yuan, the total amount of the public to raise nearly half.

clear research center analyst Shen Lingkun said, in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" policy, to raise public equity rising, has become another outlet of Internet banking, to raise public equity for entrepreneurial market to bring a new financing channels and financing methods. Angel sinks was founded in 2011, opened the prelude to China domestic stock raising industry, after four years of breeding and cultivation, to raise public equity industry in 2014 ushered in the explosive growth in 2015 is also known as "the first year", to raise public equity Jingdong, Ali and other industry giants also have the layout of the public to raise equity industry more competitive.

recently, David Hauser, an entrepreneur and angel investor, released an article that shares the question of whether or not the idea of entrepreneurship should be hidden as a secret. The article reads as follows:

misunderstanding 1: others will steal your company

once you have a good idea of what you want to do before you think of it, you should keep it a secret, don’t you?. In fact, not necessarily, in fact, many people may already have similar ideas with you. For example, in the past year, all of a sudden, so many car pool applications, Uber, Hailo, Lyft, and so on, for other areas as well.

of course you can treat your idea as a secret, but if it’s a good idea, then someone is probably doing the same thing. With regard to transparency, you can look at the social content tool Buffer, see its blog content, you can feel the great charm of transparency. It will introduce a lot of skills that anyone, including his competitors, can see. So, is Buffer worried that someone might steal the content on its blog? No, they have a strong sense of strategy and a very useful product. Building communities through transparency is more critical than one or two ideas.

in the business circles, transparency is certainly a popular word, now many companies are sharing with each other were considered to be top secret things, such as: network traffic source, treatment of employees, the project management process.

but there are a lot of entrepreneurs who think that communicating with each other will make their business go downhill. As a matter of fact, when I was an apprentice, I was always worried that too much disclosure would put us in jeopardy. Because I thought that if competitors once knew we were doing business, then it would be easier to get ahead of us. But now it looks like I’m absolutely wrong. Although there are some costs for revealing secret information, the benefits are much greater. Here are a few reasons why people often keep their idea of business as a secret, but these ideas are too far from reality. Let’s analyze them one by one.

so if you talk to people about what you think, then you’ll probably get a lot of valuable feedback.

in order to prove this, let’s take an example, that is, it’s ten years old

but the industry is not as good as it looks.


‘s transparent style allows entrepreneurs to build a dynamic community, help each other, and eventually make their businesses successful.

Ant King suit: low-key beta

from the industry dimension analysis, the public equity platform to raise venture projects are mainly distributed in the mobile Internet, consumer life, intelligent hardware and other sub sectors. Popularity of the project to raise the level of people, all the chips around the platform, such as eating and drinking and other consumer projects more attractive to investors, and even "spike" situation. Because consumer items closer to people’s lives, on the platform of investors can more easily understand the project, so raising the completion time is shorter, but on the other hand also shows that investors are not mature, equity raised platform investors although most through the platform certification of qualified investors, but compared with the traditional institutional investor in the professional ability is worse.

many entrepreneurs think that their idea is what separates them from their competitors, but only the quality of the entrepreneur is the key factor.

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