The lazy man’s Shanghai Dragon the construction of content is very important


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3, depending on time as money

a good article in addition to the user left "the editorial staff is very professional" feeling, but also to let the user "I am also a very clever user" such pride. Almost all users have self learning impulse, especially when they see a content and your life work, but it is not very clear, they will carefully read the whole content, they are very happy to enjoy this self-study.


with a simple example, a 301 redirect is an optimization technology of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster know, when different environment under the 301 redirect and not the same way, so if you set the optimization way all 301 redirect, such as "a collection of 7 kinds of code preference of 301 type of redirection" this article believed that similar content, both know some optimization methods are not very comprehensive webmaster will focus on this article, and the content is simple, easy to understand.

, 1 people are good at self learning

I love waking up in the morning and found dozens of new high power link is obtained from my post, and this article is the day before I spent some time writing code. As a Shanghai dragon lazy, if you do not want to make large building links every day, pseudo original content and don’t want to stop, then try it some time to write a high quality of soft wen.

each user is like a child, curiosity is the nature of their doubts, any fun something they want to find out. When the user is reading a text content is like playing a risky game detection. The heart desires to fully stimulate the user’s detection, so the content you would have succeeded.

when it comes to search engine optimization, I want to acknowledge that I am a very lazy person. As a Shanghai dragon master, said he is lazy, isn’t it strange? It is because I love my search engine optimization as naturally as possible in the market, do not spend a whole day in the chain, resource expansion and competitor tracking work.

successful search engine optimization sluggards do not work, but will try to put in the understanding of the target population. You can put your target group as the tea party, you give people what they want, not what you want, how to enter such a niche market

users love simple process, love to get maximum benefits with the most short time, they do not love a waste of time, from the perspective of content creation, good content is not your words and how long the length, but in your M (quality) value is high, as if the volume of cotton and iron which, M value will be more heavy users will choose which?.


the contents of the paper are as concise as possible, but the essence.

2, a baby is curious about the nature of

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