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How do we do this [


review period is the only way which must be passed new online, and when, through the review period and the sandbox, which is a phenomenon of the early algorithm nobility baby first appeared, Chinese is the sandbox effect, baby will start additional noble Guan Zhaoxin website, makes the new website ranking rising fast (some target keywords). After a period of time (about one to three or four months), the ranking of the site will gradually decline, some of the main keywords ranking will even disappear (although your PR page content is very high, and the same as the original). This is like the desert sand flow around objects will slowly swallow, so the industry for this phenomenon called sandbox phenomenon. Later, Shanghai began to follow the noble love baby, love Shanghai now have sanbox, but no obvious noble baby, because one or two months of assessment period is enough to examine a website.

2) the construction of the chain is also very important. Content is king, the chain for the emperor is Shanghai dragon world one of the most popular words, but also through the test of history. The chain is built in some people’s mind.

is a website from scratch, from small to large, so the process of evolution. Even the big website, also called the study period, the aristocratic Baby Short (a few days to a week or so), love Shanghai period (1 to 2 months long). Some people may ask, why like Youku, potatoes, Taobao and some other large enterprises owned by the no period? Wrong! They have, search engines do not because of your company’s reputation, will give you the website go special. Any website has a period of study, just say big website content to do good, do good publicity and promotion, the user experience to do good, so the study period is short, you may mistakenly believe that it is not in fact the study period, because it is in the period of study, you don’t know the net station. When you heard a large site, their PR has basically been to more than 4.


What is the period of study [

first, the webmaster to a good state of mind, whether it is updated daily, the daily chain construction, daily data analysis, are in need of their patience and careful, not a good state of mind, it is very difficult to become a good webmaster. Secondly, what to do or how to do. If you worry all day, assessment period and sandbox effect would not disappear, complete the daily plan is the key to go through this dark period! Now I will talk about the new line after the webmaster should do every day.


] a new station on the line of difficulties

1) continuous update is very important. Content is king, this is not unreasonable, treat the original noble baby sensitivity is not high, but the love of Shanghai, in the domestic website, just to please love Shanghai, love Shanghai. Go down, while the original quality content is the most love Shanghai love things, can bring high weight website good.

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