Love the Shanghai news website again completed or will affect the part of the website data update


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believes that the revision of the Shanghai news love will further exacerbate the effects of partial website news data. Each website optimization Shanghai dragon ER knows what the news means to a website, I think one of the not part of the webmaster daily work is to make the news, business news, product news. Believe that love will directly affect the revision of the Shanghai news news data included many webmaster, please bitter than the webmaster don’t love Shanghai because of self renewing products with profound respect and humility website optimization, website promotion, how to go or how to go, it reminds me of the expert to fish once an old seaman: < > in the storm, this pain is what, wipe the tears, where fall down where the climb up.

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love Shanghai product revision rate accelerated, namely a few days ago love Shanghai MP3 revision love music of Shanghai, caused by Shanghai itself due to the revised love index database of chain reaction, resulting in a part of the website data dramatically, we have many webmaster memories, reported "love seafood fish expert MP3 website makes website update intensified" today, love non-stop in the hippocampus Chinese news platform of the world’s largest, love Shanghai news on the early morning of October 17, 2012 completed again revised on-line version of love, Shanghai news home page more intuitive and more rich content, according to every 5 minutes automatically update the news selection principle, new Shanghai news highlights love hot topic special events.

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