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as a webmaster, really some confusion, I began to doubt whether personal Adsense still have future, this income from his ideal target difference one hundred and eight thousand. All say that the website is content is king, original also had, but write an article need 1-2 clocks, how many articles can be written in a day, open a blog, play almost. I have collected? With the locomotive crazy gather dangdang tens of thousands of books, sh419 started there are a lot of traffic, but the Commission is not to 100, the site was sh419 to K, we all know that sh419 is more and more dislike for personal website now, motionless on the K. Two or three I didn’t have the domain name now included recovery. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough, but I was tired, and I didn’t have the enthusiasm to do it. Although I was still updating, I really don’t know how long I can hold it. Locomotive I spent more than 100 to buy Personal Edition has been half untouched, collected, if included and ranking effect is not good, artificial? Have a better feel to it, the locomotive modified content acquisition interface is not very perfect.

has been doing more than two years since, and it has been a bit exhausting since then. Count, do the station also no less than 10, think of a little funny, my first station is also the site of the station, now I don’t know the trace. Then, I have tried some new stations, such as lifestyle, e-commerce, stock, and other independent online stores. The website is not listed, but none of them is good. Used to program a lot, Phpcms, Ecms, Discuz, X-space, shopex, WordPress, Zblog, Joomla and so on, basically each program are quite ripe, at the expense of the template, the details of the procedures used in a lot of time, the content of the website and the promotion of the time it is regardless of their number, do not remember how many nights are tired to sleep. But what? Benefits besides hundreds of dollars paid by Adsense shlf1314, and several foreign hosts hundreds of dollars Commission, no other, I often think that worth it? I must persist? These years most of the energy used in the website, professional things without any progress and change jobs? Always feel unwilling, not just a few yuan, where it is not a kind of.

hello! I am the new network alliance www.newwang customer service, listen to the network on the afternoon of June 21, 2007 in our platform pop-up and click advertising! Pop up the daily amount of 50W, click the daily quantity requirements 3.3W, pop 3.5 yuan /1000IP  click 20 yuan /1000IP, 50 yuan full week pay! Adsense advertising, please contact me! Thank you My name is 249218630 

recently turned up at the bookstore, "rich dad, poor dad" series of books, received some encouragement, so I decided to rely on the network to survive, not necessarily do stand, the magic of the network that I always believe that there are a lot of opportunities. "Rich dad" business school, Robert Qing Qi recommended direct method to get rich, I was inspired, so looking for direct method in combination with network, I intended to find some traditional products, online marketing. So, on the Internet search, the beginning of the search are Amway, AVON, finished


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