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for many novice entrepreneurs, every step of business are faced with the problem very much, is a learning process, only to master the relevant skills, will let the business become good business together. So, how to open a new home fruit store? Let Xiaobian to introduce some tips for you, can be used as a reference.

novice first purchase fruit shop in no hurry to go to the wholesale market, the first: the Internet as much as possible to see about the knowledge of fruits and vegetables as much as possible, learn a little, so go to the wholesale market is not too new, or at least know the difference between goods.

good or bad goods from several aspects:

1, shape, good goods are usually round, oval is oval, regular shape, the size of a cargo inside the difference can not be too large.

2, color, delicious colors will be positive, to dark red, these are sell.

3, smell, good fruit smell fragrant, can smell their ass. This is a bad description.

second: know a little later, do not rush to purchase, to spend a week to go shopping, you can learn a little, can not learn anything at least mix a face.

really want to purchase, go to the wholesale market, to buy the goods out of the box before the opening, the use of the knowledge you learned online. They ask, ask a pound of weight, asked how much money, then ask a price (note the quantifier) strolls several contrast, then throw cigarette smoking, bullshit have to be, when I go to get the goods, I reported to the boss’s name, you can’t just say a boss’s name old Zhou Liu this time something happens to be, you are his relatives did help him every time.

a little acting, then asked the price to pretend to make a phone call, ask the store to buy the goods how much, how much left, people do not think this is the first time you take goods. Just get the goods, the most important thing is not to be cheap, your guests are based on the time to play down, do not take the bad goods in the hands. Try to get a little more expensive, the first one or two months is best not to make money, the loss is nothing, and so on, and then slowly.

fruit after all sell is a fresh, consumers will be very focused on quality and sell, therefore, if you want to purchase the fruit shop business is booming, the natural need to be very mindful of. So, if you are a novice, opened a fruit shop, now know how to purchase it?

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