The Sheikh of Malaga after the suspension to Victor: “Be strong and say I made a mistake”


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first_img– Abdullah N Al Thani (@ANAALThani) January 7, 2020 Abdullah Al Thani, the sheikh owner of Malaga, issued through his Twitter account a message after the suspension of the functions of Víctor Sánchez del Amo for the publication of a video of sexual content: “We still hope to know who is the person who always lies? He doesn’t want to admit the mistake. He once told the truth. Do you think it will help you to always lie to everyone? Be strong and say you made a mistake.”. We still waiting to know Who is the person he lying always? he is like the Angel Never make mistakesHe does not want to admit the mistakejust one time said the truthDid you think that will help you of you always lying to everyone!Be strong and say I make a mistake(….)center_img The until now technical of Malaga issued a statement after reporting the harassment and extortion he is suffering. In the informa reminds users that it is a crime typified by article 197 of the Criminal Code to disseminate personal content without consent.last_img

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