Raja sacrifices a ram to stop the streak of injuries


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first_imgSeveral officials of the Moroccan club Raja de Casablanca sacrificed a ram in a public ceremony to stop the streak of injuries suffered by players of the Moroccan team in this last season.The sacrifice was made at the club stadium in the Oasis neighborhood of Casablanca Last weekend, local newspapers “Assabah” and “le360 sport.ma” reported today, adding that the act caused the astonishment of several club workers.The meat of the ram offered was distributed among the different workers of the club as a kind of gift to provide good luck and end the injuries The players suffer. Since the beginning of this season Twelve Raja players have suffered injuries that have required extensive surgery or extensive medical tests.The newspaper “Assabah”, citing Mohamed Arsi, president of Raja’s medical commission, attributed the repeated injuries of soccer players to bad preparations at the beginning of this season.Moroccan newspapers remember that in 2006, the board of directors of Raja, the most successful team in the history of Moroccan football, sacrificed a calf in the same stadium to provide good luck.last_img

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