“Valencia and Madrid negotiated two years for me, but it didn’t happen”


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first_imgDavid Villa has given an interview for DjMaRiiO and the Youtube channel Post United in which he has reviewed his sports career and recalled the Reasons why he did not sign for Real Madrid before his arrival at Barcelona. In addition, the ‘Guaje’ explained his projects today, what he learned from Guardiola, the influence of Messi or the possible return of Neymar to Barcelona.What did you learn from Guardiola: “Above all tactically. Until arriving at Barcelona, ​​he had always played as a reference or in 4-4-2 with Morientes at Valencia. In Zaragoza, Sporting and the Equal Selection. He had no tactical instructions beyond to be between central defenders, define … When I arrived at Barcelona it was a different scenario. I was moving to the left, it was not just being there to finish, I had to do other things and it cost me a lot. Guardiola and my teammates helped me a lot to that. They gave me the tools to change after playing my whole life in one position to a different one. “Messi: “We are privileged those who have been lucky enough to have him as a partner. People enjoy him on Sundays, Wednesdays, because he imagines seeing him every day in training. It was a unique opportunity, I tried to enjoy it to the fullest. Not only for Leo, but for other players of a huge level. “Messi-Villa-Pedro or the current trident: “I liked mine more because I played. Now they have more rapport with each other and individually they are among the best in the world. They have to spend time to connect and they were doing better every time.” “I am privileged to have had Messi as a partner” Griezmann on the left: “It is difficult for all of us. I speak of my case, I do not know what is going through his head. It cost me a lot, I did not understand the game in the first games, keeping myself open for so long when I always touched the ball. I have to understand when to get inside, not go crazy in the pressure … In Barcelona I had to go back almost to our area. If it cost me it can also cost any player in the world. “ town towncenter_img Neymar: “It is a situation of his. He decided he wanted to leave and now it seems that he wants to return. He was very happy at Barça, they won everything and beyond that possibility, given the circumstances it is not easy. He is one of the best in the world It would fit anywhere and more if you decide to go back. “Her future: “Now I am with my things. I have been combining soccer with soccer academies for three years. It is what I dedicate myself to and now another project has been born, the Queen’s team and I am the one who is leading the sports field, the sports coordination Now I have more time and I wanted to start taking flights, but I will have to wait a little longer. “Stadiums that impressed you: “Wembley and Maracana. The best memory is Wembley for the Champions and Maracaná the bad for losing the Confederations. The Bernabéu also impresses a lot, but they played there every year. In the Monumental against Argentina, you know you don’t have much chance” . “I came to Barcelona and it was a different panorama” Series, social networks or video games: “I am giving everything, but if I have to choose one, I stay with series. I also play FIFA, Formula 1 …”.Madrid: “Madrid and Barça at the national level, like other international proposals with Premier clubs, did happen. I belonged to Valencia. With Madrid we were negotiating for two years.”Willingness to go out: “I said that it would come out when they wanted. The circumstances did not occur. There has to be the will of the two clubs and that of the player, no year of the two that had negotiations ended up giving this situation.Her future: “I have never liked the controversy. I have had several on the field but never outside. I like that football is inside. I have been a player with character, but outside I have never been controversial. On the other hand I think they love me because in all The clubs I’ve been to have given the maximum. The most important thing is always to give one hundred percent, and that’s why people have always seen me give 100 percent. “last_img

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