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first_imgOne of world’s most divisive questions: Is it spelled moustache or mustache? But more importantly, shouldn’t it be spelled mustCACHE?!As people around the world grow their facial hair in honor of Movember, we wondered about mustache-themed geocaches. Most encourage people to pose with a mustache in their log. Here are some of our furriest finds:Facial Hair – GC3F6P2This D2/T2 traditional geocache is appropriately found in the mossy pacific northwestern state of Washington. Take a short hike to find this geocache, and you’ll find a fun prop to (optionally) pose with in your logs. The cache page even offers some mustache trivia:Mustached Americans first arrived in the US to work. But in the 1800s, people started appreciating mustaches, and Mustached Americans were given high status. Our first mustached president was John Quincy Adams, whose presidency lasted from 1825-1829.Facial Hair – GC3F6P2Facial Hair – GC3F6P2Facial Hair – GC3F6P2Facial Hair – GC3F6P2Other names for MustCACHE include Bristle batons, Brocha, Bro-merang, Bro-mo, Bro-stache, Cookie duster, Crumb catcher, Crustache, Dirt squirrel, Double hamster, Face lace, Face furniture, Facial fur, Flavor saver, Grass grin, Handlebars, Lip cap, Lip caterpillar, Lip doily, Lip foliage, Lip luggage, Lip rug, Lip sweater, Lip toupée, Lower brow, Manometer, Mouser, Mouth brow, Mr. Tickler, Nose bug, Nose neighbor, Pushbroom, Smoke filter, Snot catcher, Snot mop, Soup strainer, Stache, Tache, Tea strainer, Upper lipholstery.Moustache Cache – GC57VAQThis geocache is found in Michigan near a disc golf playing field and coincidentally is also a D2/T2 traditional. The cache is a metal box painted camo with moustaches. You can find the cache without bushwhacking and stomping through mud, but only if you enter the woods at the right place.Moustache Cache – GC57VAQMoustache Cache – GC57VAQMoustache Cache – GC57VAQMoustache Cache – GC57VAQSome famous people with mustCACHES include Albert Einstein, Alex Trebec, Billy Dee Williams, Burt Reynolds, Captain Kangaroo, Charles Bronson, Charlie Chaplin, Cheech, Clark Gable, Ditka, Dr. Phil, Freddie Mercury. Gene Shalit, Geraldo Rivera, Groucho Marx, Hulk Hogan, Jimi Hendrix, John Waters, Lanny McDonald, Lionel Richie, Ned Flanders, Nick Offerman, Prince, Richard Pryor, Ron Burgundy, Salvador Dalí, The Swedish Chef, and Tom Selleck.Movember – GC415QRIn an unassuming area of the gorgeous Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, you’ll find this geocache. Coincidentally, every third Saturday of November the Moustache Miler a 5km fun run happens close by.Movember – GC415QRMovember – GC415QRMovember – GC415QRMovember – GC415QRLooking to join the fancy follicle festivities? Check out our new mustache (ahem… mustCACHE) themed trackables at Shop Geocaching. Take a stachie, and tag your photos with #stachecache. We may feature your photo!Cache Stache on!Take a StachieTake A StachieTake A Stachie SharePrint RelatedGeocaching Alter Egos: TheVillains!November 16, 2011In “Community”Newest Geocaching country souvenir: ChinaDecember 12, 2016In “Community”Unleash Your Inner Indiana — Raiders of the Lost Cache (GC2HN2H) — Geocache of the WeekAugust 14, 2013In “Community” Share with your Friends:Morelast_img

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