Parents divided on controversial daycare report

first_imgNZ Herald 8 Feb 2012A controversial new report that claims daycare could be harmful to children has revealed a deep divide among parents on how best to raise their kids. The report, from conservative lobby group Family First, found separating children from their parents to put them in daycare was a significant source of stress for many children, which could be harmful to their immune systems. Its author, British psychologist Aric Sigman, has been criticised for the research on which the report was based, with one prominent debunker last year labelling it “deliberately incomplete”. The report’s publication, which comes after recent controversy over breastfeeding, has revealed a wide range in opinions over whether young children should in daycare. In an unscientific poll on, 68 per cent of about 8000 voters said daycare was not harmful to children, while 32 per cent believed it was. Some readers called the report “mother-bashing” while others agreed young children should be cared for by their parents. read more

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Harawira’s asset sale comments ‘insightful’ – BSA

first_imgNZ Herald 23 July 2012A news story in which politician Hone Harawira described the Prime Minister’s comments on asset sales as “bullsh*t” was insightful rather than offensive, the Broadcasting Standards Authority has found. Lobby group Family First complained to the authority after the comment was aired in a 3 News item at 6pm on March 6. The report on the Government’s asset sales plan included a comment from Prime Minister John Key, who said share prices from asset sales would be set a level that was “affordable for a lot of New Zealanders”. The item featured comment from opposition MPs, including Mana Party leader Hone Harawira, whose blunt response to Mr Key’s comment was: “Bullsh*t.” Family First complained that the inclusion of the comment was unnecessary and offensive. It said the comment breached the standard of good taste and decency, and the standard of children’s interests. The group argued the inclusion of the comment normalised the language and was “a particularly bad example when it’s said by a political leader”.…Family First national director Bob McCoskrie responded that the “B.S. Authority” finding confirmed the 8.30pm watershed for family-friendly viewing was a “crock”. “Parents are sick and tired of lunging for the remote to protect children from offensive and inappropriate content during family viewing hours – including promos for upcoming adult-rated programmes and sleazy stories on news and current event programmes. This decision continues the trend of flawed decisions.” Mr McCoskrie said the ruling removed a level of respect previously afforded to political leaders. He said schools should be wary of recommending television news to students because of “the increasing level of offensive and sexual content disguised as news”. read more

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Why a Good Person Can Vote Against Same-Sex Marriage

first_imgDennis Prager – Townhall 30 Oct 2012Next week voters in Maine, Maryland and Washington will vote on whether to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples.Given that there are good people on both sides of this issue, how are we to explain their opposing views?The primary explanation is this: Proponents and opponents ask two different questions.Proponents of same-sex marriage ask: Is keeping the definition of marriage as man-woman fair to gays? Opponents of same-sex marriage ask: Is same-sex marriage good for society?Few on either side honestly address the question of the other side. Opponents of same-sex marriage rarely acknowledge how unfair the age-old man-woman definition is to gay couples. And proponents rarely, if ever, acknowledge that this unprecedented redefinition of marriage may not be good for society.That is why proponents have it much easier. All they need to do is to focus the public’s attention on individual gay people, show wonderful gay individuals who love each other, and ask the American public: Is it fair to continue to deprive these people of the right to marry one another?When added to Americans’ aversion to discrimination, to the elevation of compassion to perhaps the highest national value, and to the equating of opposition to same-sex marriage with opposition to interracial marriage, it is no wonder that many Americans have been persuaded that opposition to same-sex marriage is hateful, backwards and the moral equivalent of racism.Is there any argument that can compete with the emotionally compelling fairness argument?The answer is that one can — namely, the answer to the second question, Is it good for society? read more

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Sexual advice for teens ‘seriously flawed’ – expert

first_imgONE News 17 June 2013Resources to advise young people on sexual health in New Zealand are seriously flawed and skip over critical information, a campaign group claims.Family First has commissioned US psychiatrist Dr Miriam Grossman to review several websites and other resources aimed at advising sexually active young people.Grossman, who describes herself as a sexual health “activist” on her website, says the resources fail to give thorough information and “students are left misinformed, and with a false sense of security”.She examined several websites recommended to young people including,,,, and“While most of these resources claim to promote sexual health, we find, overall, little encouragement of restraint or self-discipline. Instead, students are informed that at any age, sexual freedom is a ‘right’,” Grossman said.“The information is not accurate, comprehensive, or up-to-date. Sex is seen as risky only when it’s ‘unprotected’. The efficacy of condoms is overstated, in some cases vastly so. The quantitative data about their use is absent.“Young people are led to believe that sex is easily divorced from emotional attachment. Worst of all, critical life and death information is distorted or ignored,” she added. report slams Kiwi lessonsNZ Herald 17 June 2013Family First study claims overall message to young people is intercourse okay as long as you use a condom. read more

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WATCH – Aussie ‘safe schools’ leader admits programme not about bullying

first_imgLifesite News 18 Mar 2016Family First Comment: Exposed – the real agenda. Shocking.  Undercover video recorded at the 2014 Safe Schools Coalition National Symposium has exposed as a lie the claim that the program is about helping students stand up to bullying in schools.The symposium was a launch event for the contentious Safe Schools programme, which has come under sustained attack during its existence.  Ostensibly a programme to protect gay and transgender school students from bullies, critics such as MP George Christensen have referred to it as “Queer theory being taught in the classroom.”  Released on the National Day Of Action Against Bullying And Violence, the video shows Coordinator of Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, Roz Ward, addressing the audience.  She says “Safe Schools Coalition is about supporting gender and sexual diversity. Not about celebrating diversity. Not about stopping bullying. About gender and sexual diversity.”last_img read more

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Ecosexuals: The weirdest new sexual fetish?

first_imgNZ Herald 12 May 2016Family First Comment: Slippery Slope? It’s becoming the Dopey Slope!“On May 1, 2014, the pair publicly married the soil – they were attracted to its power to give life, its beauty and the fact it’s “real dirty”.”Sigh.Walking into a sex chamber you would expect to see whips, chains and a pair of handcuffs.But there is a temporary sex house in Melbourne that is nothing like you’d think.As you venture deeper into the rooms you will find condoms that fit your fingers and surgical masks with grass sprouting from the mouth.This is the sex house of an ecosexual, a person who makes the land their lover, bringing a whole new meaning to “environmentally friendly” and “whore-ticulture”.The “Ecosexual Bathhouse” is in the tangles of the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, created by Ian Sinclair and Loren Kronemyer.Ecosexuals have fantasies about nature and use their senses of touch to strengthen their romantic and sensual feelings towards the environment.The whole idea is if somebody can develop sexual attraction and a love for the biosphere, they will in turn look after it going into the future – it’s said to be a type of activism.The term “ecosexual” was invented by Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, two women who claim to be passionately and fiercely in love with the earth.On May 1, 2014, the pair publicly married the soil – they were attracted to its power to give life, its beauty and the fact it’s “real dirty”.Ecosexuals talk dirty to plants, kiss and lick the earth, bury themselves in soil and do nude dances while the environment watches on.They also swim naked in natural waters, hug and stoke trees and give the earth massages.READ MORE: read more

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Religious beliefs mean English midwife faces deportation

first_imgNewsTalk ZB 28 November 2017Family First Comment: What the….!!!???“She married her New Zealand husband Matt a year ago, but because of their religious beliefs they didn’t live together before marriage. Witt told Mike Hosking that because of this, when she applied for a partner visa it was denied. “They said that our relationship doesn’t count because we weren’t living together. So I couldn’t actually apply for a visa as his wife.””So the government expects couples to shack up before marrying??Immigration has ruled an English midwife has not lived with her Kiwi husband long enough to stay in the country.Fiona Witt has worked in Auckland for three years. Her work visa expires next month just a few days before Christmas.She married her New Zealand husband Matt a year ago, but because of their religious beliefs they didn’t live together before marriage.Witt told Mike Hosking that because of this, when she applied for a partner visa it was denied.“They said that our relationship doesn’t count because we weren’t living together. So I couldn’t actually apply for a visa as his wife.”Witt said she doesn’t want to go.“I really don’t want to leave my husband or my friends. I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” she tearfully told Hosking.Her employers are doing everything they can to help Witt stay in the country and not be separated from her loved ones in the week before Christmas. read more

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Marijuana and Psychosis

first_imgBreak Point 31 December 2019Family First Comment: Critics will respond, “That’s correlation, not causation.” The only way to prove causation would be to ask half a sample group to experiment with something that may harm them. That’s not ethically possible. By the way, all the studies that made us believe that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer were correlated studies too, but that was enough to convince us all.The pitfalls and perils of marijuana legalization are well-documented, but whenever we discuss that research here on BreakPoint, we are accused of not having the right research. Of course, what that typically means is we’ve used studies that contradict the very vocal advocates of weed.Well, let’s see what happens when we cite The British journal The Lancet which, along with the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association, is considered the “gold standard” for peer-reviewed medical research. It doesn’t get more “real” than being published in The Lancet.A just-published study in the Lancet involving, among others, researchers at King’s College London, compared 900 people who had been treated for psychosis with 1,200 people who had not. Sample participants were drawn from across Europe and Brazil.Both groups were surveyed on a host of factors, including their use of marijuana and other drugs. The study’s authors concluded that “people who smoked marijuana on a daily basis were three times more likely to be diagnosed with psychosis compared with people who never used the drug. For those who used high-potency marijuana daily, the risk jumped to nearly five times.”By “high-potency” the researchers meant marijuana with a THC content of more than ten percent. Today, it’s not uncommon to read of marijuana that’s legally-sold in places like Colorado with THC content above 20 percent and, occasionally even 30 percent! Legalization advocates minimize the exponential growth in potency by saying that twenty or more years ago, Americans didn’t have access to the more potent strains, a.k.a, “the good stuff.”That misses the point by several astronomical units. The point is that those people who daily use “the good stuff” are five times more like to find themselves in a hospital suffering from delusions and hallucinations, to name only two symptoms of psychosis.Now, critics will respond, “That’s correlation, not causation.” And that’s the criticism leveled at journalist Alex Berenson, author of “Tell Your Children: The Truth about Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence,” a book I recommend highly. But as I heard Berenson say just last week in Denver, “of course it’s correlation and not causation.” The only way to prove causation would be to ask half a sample group to experiment with something that may harm them. That’s not ethically possible. By the way, all the studies that made us believe that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer were correlated studies too, but that was enough to convince us all.Even so, writer Ron Powers doesn’t need a peer-reviewed study to convince him of the link between marijuana use and psychosis. In his 2017 book, “Nobody Cares About Crazy People,” he tells the moving story of his two sons, Dean and Kevin, who were diagnosed with schizophrenia in their late teens.As Powers tells readers, while there is a strong genetic component to schizophrenia, there is no “schizophrenia gene.” Instead, a constellation of genetic and environmental factors make people susceptible to schizophrenia. One of these, as Powers painfully learned, is heavy marijuana use, especially in your teenage years.Of course, some people will tell you that they and most people aren’t mentally ill, so there’s little if any risk. But, for a host of reasons, no one can know that with certainty. In fact, all pronouncements about how safe marijuana legalization is, overstates the case.That’s exactly what happened here in Colorado. The possible pitfalls were denied or downplayed. And since legalization, Colorado has seen a spike in marijuana-related emergency room visits by people between the ages of 13 and 20.Given the well-documented mental health risks, especially to not-fully-formed adolescent brains, the rush to legalization is the height of irresponsibility. An irresponsibility that can shatter lives. And don’t just take our word for it. read more

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Youth in Dominica described as ‘crafters of their own destiny’

first_img 10 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Tweet Share Sharecenter_img LocalNews Youth in Dominica described as ‘crafters of their own destiny’ by: – July 19, 2011 Share Dr. Valda Henry, addressing the press conference at the Garraway Hotel’s Conference Room yesterday.Dr. Valda Henry, the Chief Executive Officer of VF Inc, while addressing a press conference for the Youth Summer Series 2011 yesterday, says young people are the crafters of their own destiny.“They can be anything that they want to be and they are to some extent crafters of their own destiny. It doesn’t matter what challenges they face, what obstacles are in their paths, they can overcome those challenges and be what they want to be. They just must have faith in themselves, they must have faith and belief in a higher power which is God and they must have the discipline to achieve their goals,” she said.Dr. Henry also underscores the need for discipline and explained that it is of paramount importance if one wishes to achieve anything.“Without discipline I say to you, you won’t achieve anything. So yes you can be very brilliant but if you have no discipline that brilliance disappears. I know of a lot of brilliant derelicts, brilliant persons, geniuses that God has created, gifted. But they did not have the discipline to channel that brilliance and they have not achieved their potential. And so that is really the fundamental message” Henry said.The event, Youth Summer Series 2011 targets young people from the ages of 13 to 18, and is meant to provide an opportunity for young people to discuss critical topics as they prepare for college or to face the job market.Some of the objectives of the program are to provide an avenue for the youth to discuss issues relevant to their needs, inspire and encourage the youth to be their best, explore issues of self esteem and confidence, to provide an understanding of money and to give guidance on career choices.The youth series is slated for July 25th to 30th and will be held at the Pastoral Center in Morne Bruce. Transportation will be provided for the participants.A copy of the registration form can be collected at the VF Inc’s Office located on 37 Cork Street, Roseau.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

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Health professionals sharpen skills on nutritional care for HIV/AIDS patients

first_img Share LocalNews Health professionals sharpen skills on nutritional care for HIV/AIDS patients by: – June 11, 2012 Tweet Share Sharecenter_img Sharing is caring! 19 Views   no discussions (L_R) Coordinator of the HIV/AIDS Response Programme Julie Frampton and Caribbean Food & Nutrition Institute Nutritionist, Deborah HenninghamHealth care professionals have been given an opportunity to sharpen their skills in providing proper nutritional care to HIV and AIDS patients, during a two day workshop which is currently underway at the Garraway Hotel.The workshop is being hosted in partnership with the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and World Food Programme, under the theme “Tools and Resources for the Nutritional Management of HIV/AIDS”.Caribbean Food & Nutrition Institute Nutritionist, Deborah Henningham, told participants during the opening ceremony on Monday that nutrition plays an essential role in the lives of people who are infected with the disease.She noted that health professionals have had “interest in nutrition and HIV for the past two decades or so. Their efforts have however been hampered because of the absence of algorithms, tools and guidelines tailored to meet the specific needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS”.It is with this in mind that the World Food Program and CFNI undertook a project “to develop and implement the much needed algorithms and the resource materials”. According to Henningham, there is great need for HIV/AIDS infected patients to obtain “quality nutrition” as a lack of it can lead to weakening of their immune system and progression of the disease.“Nutrition plays a critical role in comprehensive response and support and treatment of HIV/AIDS infected people. There are complex interactions between nutrition and HIV. For example, HIV progressively weakens your immune system and leads to under nutrition. In turn, under nutrition weakens the immune system thus worsening the effects and contributes to a more rapid progression to HIV/AIDS”.Health professionals at Monday’s workshop. Photo credit: Health Promotion Resource CentreWhile she lamented the “lack of early and adequate nutrition and support and care” in many Caribbean countries which she described as “one of the most important interventions for people with HIV,” she is hopeful that a recent publication on the tools and resources for nutritional management by CFNI will assist in dealing with this challenge.“CFNI’s publication will facilitate this process in the Caribbean region. This publication provides a standardized, problem-solving, decision making process for nutrition interventions throughout the life cycle. It acts as a guide to both nutrition professionals and other members of the health care team in providing a basic level of nutritional care”. While the workshop will focus on nutrition pertinent to HIV/AIDS patients, it will also provide “general nutrition principles are also applicable to other health and disease processes,” she explained. These benefits include; nutrition in antenatal care, evaluating the nutritional status of individuals, basic principles of meal planning and balanced diets, improving iron nutrition for persons with iron deficiency, management of under nutrition, calculating caloric requirements for healthy body weight and basic principles of weight loss.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

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